Halloween Reject

Skirt: The Limited, Shirt: Target, Belt: Target, Shoes: lotus, Necklace: bebe, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Ivy & Leo, Ring: Express, Purse: Guess (photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)
I bought this skirt this summer planning on wearing it with an over-sized black racer back tank top and gladiator sandals (yes flats...since it is a touch on the short side). I never got around to sporting it during the warm months, but I pulled it out this morning and paired it with tights to make it work in December. Not only is a bit short, but they didn't have my size when I bought it, so I went a size down. The fact that it is a little snug is why I decided to pair it with a baggy, longer shirt. If a shirt were tucked in to this skirt I may have been mistaken for a Vienna sausage. This flowy black top worked perfectly but it looked slouchy and a little too casual so I threw a belt on to cinch it at the waist. I initially went with a simple black belt, but the belt got lost in the shirt and ended up being almost invisible. I know that the zebra print doesn't necessarily "go" with it, but I tried it any way and ended up liking it. The necklace is the only piece of jewelry that I have that matches the color of the skirt perfectly and although some may argue that it is "a bit much" for work I don't care. I love "a bit much"! Black shoes to finish it off (you can't really tell, but these bad boys have cute bows on the back of them that I love). Solid black shoes with black tights give the same effect as a nude shoe with a bare leg....eloooooongating! I couldn't help but think that with all of the orange and black going on here that I looked a little like a Halloween reject, but better late than never, right?!

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