Punching Fools in the Face

Shirt: The Limited, Skirt: Marshalls, Jacket: Forever21, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Bracelets: Stella & Dot, Ivy & Leo, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace and Ring: Bebe, Purse: Michael Kors (photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)
Don't let the sunshine fool you (side note: my BF's mom's nickname for me is "Sunshine" so it makes me happy every time I type that word. "Hi Mama Tina!")...it was pretty cold outside today when the wind was blowing. I had goosebumps in all of these pictures. Be thankful the camera did not pick up on them...it was not pretty. Being outside to do a quick blog shoot was only the first time I had goosebumps today. I have them right now as I sit in my warm house in my sweats and type this. I have "watched" more T.V. since starting this blog a few months ago. (I usually sit on the couch in the living room when I update the blog and always have the T.V. on to keep me company.) Anyway...tonight I am watching GLEE, (as I tend to most Tuesday nights recently) and they are tackling the issue of bullying and the teenage suicide (and/or attempted suicide that can result in it). I know it is just a T.V. show, but the subject matter is so relevant and relateable that it is giving me goosebumps and making me tear up. I am seriously emotional over here. It breaks my heart when people are picked on just for being who they are. It makes me so sad that it makes me mean. Like, kind of crazy. I want to punch bullies in the face. My blood pressure rises, I get angry tears, and I want to punch kids, T.V. characters/actors, etc. square in the mouth. I am not trying to get all Lady GaGa, "Born This Way" on you, but maaaan, it makes me crazy. Funny story actually. I have only been in one fight in my entire life. It was with a boy named, Billy. He rode my bus I was a kid. I rode the same school bus as three of my little brothers at one point in time and this boy Billy would pick on every one of my brothers. I don't know why, they were all cuter than him(...hmm...maybe that is why he picked on them). I always told him to "knock it off" and he would stop eventually. He never picked on me, which baffles me because I was chubby, poorly dressed, had reeeeeeally bad teeth, and frizzy hair (true story). Anyway....one day all four of us got on the bus. My brothers walked on first and I came on last. As we walked by Billy, he said, "look at you...you all look gay...fags...you are all fagots". I lost it a little bit. Got black out mad. I turned around, walked to his seat and punched him three times in the forehead/face area. One punch for each one of my brothers. I immediately got kicked off of the bus by our infamous bus driver, Jane (who had blueish white hair that she wore in an enormous bouffant every single day). I was kicked off of the bus for a week (now that I think of it that was a pretty light punishment, maybe Jane knew Billy was a moron who deserved it). So...I walked my brothers to the bus stop then walked to school for a week. It was only a mile or so, but it was really cold in upstate New York in winter. Buuuut...my brothers never told my mom, Jane never called the school, and Billy never picked on any of my little peanuts again. Now, I am not necessarily advocating violence, just demonstrating how far I've come on my personal anger management journey. I no longer actually hit people in the face, but that does not mean that I don't want to every once in a while.
#1. I realize this post had NOTHING to do with fashion...but here is what I wore today.
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Much Love, Mamacitas!


  1. If I sign up daily will I be entered numerous times?! :) Also, when you get bored with those shoes pass them to me!


  2. I had that episode of GLEE on last night too. I am with you, I was so emotional watching what that poor kid was going through. When he said that his mother told him he had a disease I wanted to take him in....but, of course, I know it is a television show!!! I applaud the creators for taking such a serious problem and showing compassion and hope for those who might be thinking of hurting themselves. Then to end the show with a texting and driving tragedy....almost too much in one show!!

    On another note, you are always fabulous my dear and I love your blog!!!

  3. Ahhh that blue was meant for you