Cure by Design Fashion Show

CHARLOTTE, N. C. – The world of high fashion joined the American Cancer Society in Charlotte on Saturday, March 24, 2012, for Cure By Design, an event in which the fashion, design and retail communities work together to raise funds for the fight against cancer.
Cure By Design, developed and coordinated by designer Alex Garfield, brings the fashion, design and retail communities together with the local corporate community. The focus of this special evening is a fashion show that spotlights designer fashions and, more importantly, local cancer survivors modeling them. The survivor models demonstrate the progress being made in the fight against cancer and portray a message of hope for a cure. (www.cancer.org)

My sweet, beautiful, and dear friend, Effie Loukas produced Charlotte's first ever, Cure By Design fashion show on Saturday night...and IT.WAS.AMAZING!
I walked in with my legit looking camera (courtesy of the BF at Christmas time) and waltzed in/camped out in the press section of the fashion show (thank gosh no one asked to see my press pass). This fashion show was unlike any other. All of the clothes were donated by local retailers (which is pretty standard), but all of the models in the show were cancer survivors, or people going through cancer treatment right now; and all of the proceeds of the ticket sales, live,  and silent auctions benefited the American Cancer Society. The show was held at the very swanky, Ritz Carlton Urban Gardens in Uptown, and by the end of the night there wasn't one person who had not cried, or at least gotten goosebumps from what they heard and saw. Strutting down the runway were survivors from the ages of 3 (the little girl with her twin brother in the pictures above was battling leukemia) to 60+. There was a woman there who walked the runway with her daughter (who was 7 years old). They are both battling cancer. Not to mention the woman who fought and beat breast cancer 3 different times. They were children, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, doctors, executives, scholars, grandfathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.  It was incredible to see the strength, beauty, and awe-inspiring courage of these very special runway models. I think what touched me the most was how this particular show demonstrated so clearly the link between fashion (which can be so meaningless and superficial taken at face value) and empowerment. We all know that fashion is unimportant. What you choose to dress your body in means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. What does matter though is how you FEEL. How you WALK when you feel good. What you DO when you feel powerful and beautiful/sexy/pretty/handsome/stylish. When you have battled sickness, hopelessness, fear, anger, and death, you can't help but come out of it with your head held higher than ever; with your perspective firmly in place, and a deep gratitude for every single day. To see these men and women walk, dance, and strut down the runway, it was apparent this show was not about the clothes. It was about the fight. These outfits were an extension of their personal victories. They celebrated each individual's beauty, strength, and will. It was an amazing evening, so I thought I'd share.

Before I go....Effie....if you are reading this. WOW. You did an AWESOME job, Mamacita. Your selflessness, dedication, commitment, and love was apparent throughout the entire evening. I love you. You inspire me to do more/bigger/better. I feel lucky to have you in my life. GO GET 'EM, SISTAH!

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  1. Great job, Melissa! I don't even know their stories and I got teary eyed!
    Xoxo Twila