Jeans: Marshalls, Shirt: Aerie, Shoes: Forever 21, Purse and Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Target, Earrings: Marthe Pinaire, Bracelets: Target and Ivy&Leo, Rings: Aldo Accessories (photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)
This is what I wore on Tuesday in Charlotte when it was 75 degrees outside.  Later that day I swapped out these heels for a more "sensible" shoe (patent black pumps that are completely broken in ;) to hop on a plane to NY.  Just a couple of random thoughts around this outfit: 

1. These green jeans make me absurdly happy. They were less than $20 at Marshalls. I got them a few sizes too big which makes them really comfortable, but not so cute after they stretch out. After I sat down a few times my butt looked awful. Saggy green butt. No one likes a saggy green butt. 

2. I felt like a convict in this t-shirt. It looks as if it should have my inmate number on the back of it, but I like it.

3. Move over animal print (well, not too far, I'm not done with you yet)...floral print shoes are all the rage this year. I've noticed that there are a lot of really affordable options out there (from $20-$40) or a lot of designer options out there (from $400-$1200), but not much in the middle. Which I am fine with. I'm more comfortable spending in the $20-$40 range anyway. These cuties were about $24.00.

4. There was once a time when I would not have dared to pair stripes with a floral print (let alone all that with Kelly Green jeans) but those days are long gone.

See...told ya I only had a couple of random thoughts.

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