Pink Vespas and Big Hair

Happy Girls

Shirt: LOTUS, Skirt: Banana Republic, Shoes and Purse: ShoeDazzle, Watch: Michael Kors, Rings: Cross- The Boulevard at South End,  Oval Ring- Vintage, Blue Stone- LeVian (Jared), Earrings: Aldo Accessories, Shell Bracelet: Random gift Shop in Ft. Lauderdale 5 years ago, iPhone Case: Mobilexpressions from Target

Last night I started playing around and put this little collage together. It doesn't really make much sense (other that I like it). I didn't even plan on doing anything with it, but it stuck with me and kind of inspired my outfit this morning. Looking at it made me want to wear shades of light pinky-blush, and tan, with subtle black accents. I wanted to wear that dress...tucked into that skirt (as a top), with those heels and that clutch. I wanted  to sail into my office (or a corner cafe in Rome) on a pink Vespa. But, it's Tuesday...and, I don't have a Vespa, and...I don't have any of these clothes. What I do have is naturally curly hair and a silk blouse with a peplum bottom. So... I worked with that. I love the peplum skirt in the collage, but since the only peplum skirt I have doesn't work with my neutral color "vision", I opted for this blouse from LOTUS and a simple neutral pencil skirt. I added my most favorite vintage ring (that looks like a funfetti cupcake) and I went off into the sunset on my pink Vespa....or into the concrete jungle in my 4-door sedan (with a bike rack on the back). I know...on the 1-10 "Cool Scale"...I'm maxing out at a "1" right now (I'll give myself 1 point for this ridiculously awesome ring).

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