Hoochie Stew

Dress: GLAM (almost 2 years ago), Shoes: Off Broadway, Clutch: Shop Olive Online, Earrings: Marthe Pinaire, Watch: MK
This is what I wore last night. I love this dress, but it is dangerous. I mean, this over-sized clutch pretty much covers up the whole thing when I sit down. It can go from classy to trashy in New York minute (I promise that I'll stop with all the NYC references as soon as I leave here). It's loud, it's slinky, it's animal print, and it's short. Normally, when you stir all of those things together in a pot, you end up with one thing....Hoochie Stew. That is unless you are careful. There are certain things you can do that will allow you to wear a barely there dress without looking like a tart. 

These are the things that I did....
1. I didn't wear a push-up bra (not that I ever in a million years would wear one with these things, but you know what I am saying). Don't aim for major cleavage when you have a little dress on. I am wearing a minimizing strapless bra.You're legs are all out, your chest does not have to be, too.
2. I didn't wear a lot of makeup. I could have probably used a little lipstick, but I opted for cherry Chapstick instead. I love a good bright red, or hot pink lip (duh), but you have to be careful when wearing something like this. It can definitely look like you're trying too hard.
3. Shoes. I love a good hooker heel as much as the next girl, but I kept it classic and simple with a nude, close-toed pump since this dress had enough going on. 
4. Accessories. I kept them minimal and fun. Big, yellow, flower bud earrings give a bit of playfulness (as opposed to "Jenny from the Block" hoops which again, in my opinion, could be a bit much). I even played down my arm party. All gold, nothing that distracted or competed with the dress.  
Annnnd...those are my rules that (in my humble opinion) will allow you to wear a mini-dress without feeling like you are auditioning for a role in 'Pretty Woman'. 

Oh, and this quote is printed on the laundry bad in our room. I loved it. 

The End. 

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