1998... the year of No Pants.

Dress: Target, Shoes: ShoeDazzle,

1. A big "thank you" to my dear friend, Liza, for this turquoise necklace. She gave it to me for my birthday last weekend and I HEART it. I actually wore it 3 times last week. Thanks, Guuuuuuuurl!!! 

2. I looooove these shoes, but the VERY DAY these pictures were taken my brother's dog got a hold of them and attacked them. She bite the bottoms off of one, so now I walk lopsided AND there are teeth marks all over the tops. I have only had them a few weeks. Damn dog. Good thing she is cute, or I would have punted her across town. I am bound and determined to resurrect them though. Some how... some way. Mark my muthatruckin' words.

3. "I ain't got no pants on!!!" It looks as if I am "pantsless" in the 3rd picture here. My college roommate, and friend of like 25 years (barf), Kimberly Ann (actually she is not Southern, so she just goes by Kim, but I like calling her by her government name) used to shed her pants as soon as she was in the safety of our dorm room. She was not an exhibitionist, so she didn't prance around in her underwear, but she would get under the covers of her bed and be hanging out with no damn pants on. I initially thought she did this to increase her level of comfort (I think we can all agree that no pants is ALWAYS more comfortable than pants). I soon came to realize though that this was her strategy to get me to do things for her. "Mis... can you hand me the remote? I ain't got no pants on. Mis, can you get me a Coke? Please, I ain't got no pants on! Mis... can you get the phone, answer the door, hand me my book, toss me that orange, etc. etc. etc. I AINT GOT NO PANTS ON. Funny how random little things make you gut laugh years after the fact. 1998 was the year of no pants. 2013. Still funny.


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