Lovely Lady Lumps

Shirt: Marshalls, Shoes: Guess, Pants: Target, Necklaces: Target and Stella & Dot

Sorry... more lame ass  junior high "selfies" from the hotel room in Boise last weekend. As I mentioned before, my manfriend was the Best Man at the wedding we were there for, so he had weekend duties that did not include taking outfit pictures for me. I'm sure he was bummed. I can't imagine that a man would rather hang out and drink with a long lost best friend than take pictures of crazy pants for his girlfriend. Yeah... I'm sure he was pissed he missed all this fun. Cropped, floral pants... what's not to love? 
I scored these bad boys at Target and a I love them. The rehearsal dinner we were going to was a casual cookout, so this was perfect. Best part of a casual cookout... getting one more day out of this filthy ponytail. Second best part... cropped pants... and only having to shave the part of my leg that was going to show. I saved all of the major "getting ready" steps for the actual wedding (see previous post). Just a word of advice. If you are interested in looking like you have a small ass... do not... I repeat, do not slap a floral print on it and then tuck your shirt in. If you want to highlight your lovely lady lumps... flowers my friends. Flowers. All day. I learned this the hard way.


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