Black & Blue

I wore black and blue from head to toe twice this week. On Monday, and then again today. Which is ironic, since I feel like a walking black and blue bruise myself. Like I got beat up... knocked around... pummeled... had the ever-loving shit kicked out of me.

This was the week my entire team (from my corporate day job) came into town for our annual offsite meeting. Three days of getting up at the CRACK of dawn (4:15AM) and driving into the office while it's still dark... getting there even before the security guards do (so I could catch up on all of the work that I missed being sequestered the entire day/night before). We sat in conference rooms ALL day long.... doing things like "team building", "strategizing" , "brain-strorming", thinking "outside of the box"... staring at PowerPoint presentations and projector screens; going to dinner every night with business partners, and just generally having to be "ON" every minute of the day (and into the night). I am friggin' EXHAUSTED. My eyes are tired (hence the glasses)... my feet hurt... and I would prefer not talk to anyone until at least next Wednesday (or......... 2015).

If you were looking for wit, humor, inspiration, or just a generally positive attitude, I am afraid you have come to the wrong place today my friends. I got nuthin'. And in silent protest of the whole week's events... I ditched the standard corporate black blazer in favor of a motorcycle jacket. BAM!!! Nothing says "sticking it to the man" like black leather in the board room.

Annnnnd... if you're pissed that you wasted your time reading my rant, maybe I can make it up to you by sharing how creative I got with food last weekend. Tomato, basil, mozzarella anyone???? Check out the FOOD page...

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