Close the Fridge

"Facebook is like a fridge, you keep checking it and nothing has changed."

I saw this quote today and it made me giggle. Well, not like a real life, audible giggle, but I thought it was cute. Totally true (in my case). I prooooobaly check my FB newsfeed (via my phone) 10 times throughout the course of a work day. Sitting in endless traffic on my commute, check. Long conference call and need a break, check. Waiting in line for my lunch, check. Elevator ride, check. Walking to the break room for coffee, check. You see what I am saying? Not much ever changes on Facebook, and likening that to checking the fridge is hilarious. Partly because I also check the fridge a lot hoping that exactly what I want magically appears.

I got to thinking though... what ELSE in our lives do we mindlessly get up and go back to, over and over.... checking or  standing in front of expecting to see/experience/feel/want something different? What else is the proverbial "fridge"??? 

 Job? Do you go in every single day expecting something to "change"? Inspire? Make you feel fulfilled and it doesn't? Do you feel like a hamster in a wheel, or are you one of the lucky ones that truly LOVES what they do? 

Relationships? Do you wake up every day in a relationship, looking at the other person hoping and praying to God that they change and miraculously become what you really want? You want a commitment, but you've never met their mom? You want adventure, they won't get off of the couch? You want romance... they only say "I love you" via text and even then it's more like... "love ya" or just ... "you too"... or even worse... "thanks".  You want a steak... they are more like expired bologna. 

Friends? You want good... real.. open... true blue friendships, but you have somehow managed to surround yourself with crappy imitation friends. People who bring you down, judge you, talk shit about you, make fun of your dreams? People who you associate with out of convenience instead of a real connection?

The Facebook/Fridge metaphor is pretty fun, but the Life/Fridge metaphor sucks, right? So... if you find yourself wasting your time, doing the same thing, over and over hoping it will miraculously change then STOP. For goodness sake. Knock it the hell off. Close the damn fridge.

Oh, and since I often forget that this is a personal style blog... this is what I wore yesterday. A maxi because it's still pretty warm outside, and a jacket and scarf, because, well... it is October.  


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  1. Melissa, I always can totally relate to your live experience anekdotes. Thanks for this post, totally needed to hear that today especially because I hate my Job so much and always find myself expecting that sth will Change but it does not.

    Have a fabulous Weekend mamasita.

    Oh and because I not only love your wise words I have to say your summer transfered fall Ensemble rocks!


    PS: Oh this time I have cut my hair :-D. I am still wondering how your hair grew so fast?