Dirty Girl

I am a dirty, diiiiiiirrrrrty girl.

Not THAT kind of dirty... literally dirty. Filthy in fact. I'm clean in these photos that were taken last Thursday (this is what I wore to work) but I'm not sure I've been truly clean since then. I was at the gym tonight and I noticed that I smelled... which was okay since I had just finished an intense Spin class. I realized, however, I smelled a little funkier than I normally do after Spin... and that is when it hit me. I have not taken a legit shower with soap/body wash since Thursday MORNING. It is now MONDAY night. Yup. True Story.

Here is how one manages to NOT shower for 4 days without noticing it. After work on Thursday I swam at the gym... I rinsed the chlorine off after. Friday after work... I went swimming again... again... a quick rinse. Saturday afternoon... yup, you guessed it... swim then rinse. Sunday... nothing. I skipped showering in the morning with good intentions. I thought... if I DON'T shower, then I will work out later. If I DO shower and do my hair... there is NO way I am working out. It didn't work. I didn't shower or work out yesterday. Today... I did an early morning Pilates class, worked from home, and then did an after work Spin class. Whaaaa-laaaaaa.... no shower in 4 DAYS. I am working on a pretty sweet, pretty poignant Euro-Funk. Good Lawd.

So anyway... this is what I wore to work last week.... snake print, pin-stripes, matching shoes, a pop of color and a sweet new military jacket with leather sleeves. The End. I am going to shower now. If I'm not back online in 3 hours it means I actually drowned in my own filth. #dirtbag

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