Lady of Leisure and One Very Handsome Veteran

This outfit is kind of boring. I know.

I match head to toe. Nothing too interesting going on here... BUT... I had today off of work so the fact that I got out of an elastic waistband and a sports bra is a miracle in and of itself. PLUS... there are gold spikes on the shoulder of my sweater, so that's something.

Speaking of having the day off... I could get used to THIS shhht. I woke up at 7AM... cleaned the house, did laundry, made a pretty friggin' impressive breakfast for one (sweet potato hash browns were involved), worked-out (Cardio AND Pilates likeadamnboss), washed my hair, edited some photos, read... AND I'll be making a legit dinner. BIGGITY-BAM!

I think my ambition stemmed from guilt.  I felt bad that I was home while the Manfriend was working; BUT... if he was home too, I would have gotten NOTHING done. I would have woken up. The End. (Oh, and maaaaaybe watched marathon episodes of House Hunters on the couch until it was dark outside again.)

And... since it's Veteran's Day, I'd like to give a special Veteran's Day Shout Out to my FAVORITE Veteran, my handsome little brother, Joseph!

I love you, Dude!

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