One Day: 2 Ways

Shirt (old) and Bag: Target, Jeans: Lotus, Shoes: Aldo, Watch: Michael Kors, Jade Bracelet: Gift from my friend and Nail Technician, Cindy, Ring: LeVian (from Jared, a to me/from me 30th bday present), Jacket: Marshalls?

One day 2 ways.

We've all seen them... quotes about happiness/optimism/gratitude, etc. Hell, I've probably posted a hundred or so on this here blog. Quotes like these...
24 Uplifting Famous Quotes About HappinessQuotes about happy people
I'm sure some people find these annoying. Especially in the middle of a monumentally shitty day. Where am I going with this? Well... today I had a crappy day... and a great day. 

I have always read these quotes, but never really harnessed my own power to determine how I was going to define my day. I wasn't really "aware" that I get to decide what kind of day I have. The way I see it, we've got two choices. Glass half-full or Glass half-empty. Trust... half -empty is easier, but half-full... WAY better.

For example...

"Glass Half-Empty" version of my day: 
  • I got pulled over by a cop on the way to work. Some jacko pulled in front of me. I slammed my breaks to avoid hitting them and the copper behind me almost hit me. So... I get pulled over for "reckless driving". He was a rude to me, and sarcastic. He threatened me with a $320 fine for not changing my address on my license on top of the citation he talked about giving me for driving recklessly. I teared up out of anger. 
  • I got REALLY pissed at myself that my eyes filled with tears in front of this asshole cop. 
  • I was late to work. See above...
  • I had to go to the periodontist (a doctor who specializes in gum health) today. The periodontist is 40 minutes away. I had to leave work early and therefore do a shit ton of work later this evening. The doctor poked at my gums. It hurt like hell. My gums bled. A lot. I got lectured about flossing. I have to get surgery on my gum from where a popcorn kernel jacked it all up over a month ago. Today's consultation cost me $149.00. You have to pay upfront. The surgery is going to leave me looking like the Bride of Frankenstein for a while while it heals. There will be scraping of my gums, possibly lasers, stitches, and a weird cover to protect it all while it heals. THAT procedure... is going to cost... wait for it... just shy of $900. NOT a typo... 900 U.S. DOLLARS.You want to know how much the bag of popcorn was that did this to me cost??? $2.00. What the EFFFFFFFF????????????? 
  • Unbeknownst me... the shirt I wore today was see-through. Seriously. I don't think it was bad in real life, but when the flash went off in these pictures... yup. See through. Great. I can picture  it now an e-mail tomorrow... "Melissa, someone from HR would like to meet with you on Monday to discuss appropriate workplace attire". Eff me. 

"Glass Half-Full" version of my day: 

  • I have a job. I got to it safely today. 
  • The cop ended up letting me off without a ticket.
  • I opened up my e-mail this morning and had a note in it entitled: "Amazing YOU" from the co-founder of The Sandbox. It was random, and really touching and it made me smile from ear-to-ear.
  • I have a boss that doesn't give me shit about having to make a doctor's appointment in the middle of the day. 
  • I met my best friend in the whole-wide-world to walk to get lunch today (which we RARELY do even though we work one block from one another). She gave me an amazing gift (well, actually like 12). It was out of the blue. It was a gift to say "thank-you" for taking pictures of her and her adorable family.... to say that she loves me. Appreciates me. Notices. Cares. It was a beautiful tote bag FULL of random things that only your best friend would know to pick out for you. It made me tear up, out of total appreciation of THAT moment. It was WAY more than a gift of "things". It was pure joy.
  • I have a reliable car and enough money to put gas in it. That allowed me to drive to a doctor's appointment and get there safely. If you've ever been broke. Really broke. No gas money broke. Then you know the stress and dread that comes from driving on "E" and having no other choice but to do so. Windows up, air/heat off, radio off, and you do not speed. You conserve gas... and you pray. That is all you can do.
  • I went to the periodontist and lucky for me, the insane looking inflamed gum growth that I have ... not cancerous. 
  • I am going to spend over $1000 at this doctor's office, BUT I have access to healthcare, AND if I am fortunate my insurance will reimburse me for a portion of my out-of-pocket expenses. 
  • I had a hair appointment today. I can afford to get my hair done and I have the time to get my hair done. That also meant that I got to spend quality-time with my dear friend (and stylist). Who happened to met someone he is REALLY interested in and he is the happiest I have ever seen him in the 7 years I have known him. That makes me happy. 
  • I no longer look like queen of the trailer park. My roots have been bleached w/in an inch of their life and all is well with the world again.
  • I have a wonderful man in my life, and he makes me feel loved. Somehow, he manages to do this every single day. 
  • I got home to two dogs who could not WAIT to love up on their Mama. 
  • There was red wine at the house... and sweatpants.
All of the bullet points in both paragraphs centered around events in the same day, but when you take a minute to really notice the good... appreciate the good.... and express gratitude for the good, it's amazing how you can redefine a day. I'm not saying this is easy to do every single day, but... it doesn't suck to try.

Oh... and since this IS a personal style blog... above.... THAT is what I wore today. I swear I didn't realize that the shirt was see through until I looked at these pictures. Awesome.

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