Pajama Pants... No... Really.

If you thought when you looked at these pics... "Hmmm... kind of looks like Melissa is wearing pajama pants"? Welp... you'd be correct. Kind of. 

Pajama (style) Pants are a BIG trend for 2013-2014.... and no, I am not joking. Usually SUPER trendy things annoy me, but not these.

Let's discuss.... 

1. The single most obvious advantageous thing about wearing pajama pants is... that they are pajama pants... pajamas. TWO WORDS... Elastic.Waistbands. BOOM! 

2. PLEASE... wear them with heels, or wedges. Please DO NOT wear them with flip flops, flats, or... the worst... tucked into boots, like (heaven forbid) UGGS. You want to OWN the fact that you are wearing pajama pants and let the world know that you are keenly aware that you are doing it. Wearing them with flats or with boots (barf), takes them from trendy to... "Oh, I forgot I was in public in these things.. sorry about my pants, zit cream, Velcro rollers, and the fact that I am not wearing a bra."

3. Make sure they are silk (or at least a silky synthetic fabric). Mine are not real silk (they are from Target... duh) but they do look and feel like they are. I'm sure you can feel me on this one. The second you put on cotton or jersey pajama pants you look more like you are headed to the couch... or at BEST the mailbox at the end of your driveway.

4. Get a print. Don't be scared. Solids in pajama style pants look kind of weird. Think... Hugh Hefner.  If you are scared of wearing a printed, silky pajama pant plastered on your ass, just pair them with solids (like yours truly). It highlights the pant, and keeps the rest in the "safe" zone. If you are a Billy Badass try your hand at print-mixing with them. Next time... I'm going for it. 

5. Length. TWO options... make sure they are LONG palazzo type pants... wide leg (hippie-ish), OR kind of cropped/short like this. Mine were too long for the cropped look AND too big around the waist (there is a first time for everything, I guess) so I rolled the waistband over once to hike them up and make them fit better all around (see pic #7).

There you have it... how to make pajama pants socially acceptable... at least for the next 6 months or so while they are "a thing". After that... the clock hits midnight and they are back to being just pajama pants (which doesn't necessarily suck either).


  1. ha ha! I loved this. So true about the 6 month time limit too.


    1. Yeah... and 6 months MAY be a stretch. By Christmas, I'll be wearing these with a sweatshirt while I eat cookie dough out of a mixing bowl!!!!!

  2. Very stylish lady Melissa and you totally rock them, saw a lot of bloggers wearing them but they are not for me ;-)


    1. Why thank you, Love! I

      do love these ones, but it's definitely NOT a trend I will be investing in. These bad boys were about $20 US Dollars. That is my limit for something that I will be wearing to BED in a few weeks!!! :-)

    2. Oh... and I LOOOOOOOVE your hair cut. It looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

    3. Well I tried them on in store and when I looked in the mirrow, the back looked like as if I were wearing filled diapers or shitting in my pants :-D

      Oh thank you so much dear, glad you like it, I am always open for changes, so it was def time for that ;-)