A Long Butt and Lace Peplum

Jumpsuit: Marshalls, Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Earrings: Francesca's


What's up, Mamacitas???? I feel like I have been neglecting the ol' blog a bit lately.

I've been insanely busy with my corporate 9-5, Pilates teacher training every weekend, teaching Pilates group classes at my house and 1:1 private classes (because, you know, I'm super fancy like that) during the week, oh... and my nutrition program/studying. Man... you'd think I'd be the healthiest person alive with all of that going on, but yet... umm... that's a big fat NO. Capital "N".

Anyway... last week I was invited to a bridal fashion show for Ladies of Lineage and this is what I wore. Jumpsuits are a bit of a man repeller outfit if you ask me. Most women love them, but I think a lot of  dudes get turned off by what I call the "long butt effect". There aren't many guys that dig a high "1980's esque" waistband. My manfriend was not around when I had this on, so I'm not sure what he thought, but I think that's a pretty safe generalization. Ahhh well, I dress for myself, and sometimes other women, but rarely for guys. If we dressed for men we'd all be walking around buck ass naked under a kitchen apron in 6 inch heels. Am I right?

Oh, and if you like looking at wedding gowns (and who doesn't?), you can scoot on over to the photography page and check out some of the pics I took at the fashion show. I was digging all of the beautiful details. I mean... lace peplum??? Shut your mouth. Enjoy! XOXO


  1. You looking freakin posh in that one piece ;-)

    Have never tried pilates maybe I should give it a try :-)


    1. Ani!!!! Thank you, Lovely!!! I appreciate that!

      You totally should. It changed my life. Really. I love it!!!! XOXOXO

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