Romper, Vestique, Shoes: F21, Belt: Old Navy (old), Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Alex & Ani

Sup... Sup...

So... 3 cool things happened to me yesterday.

1. I went to the gas station where I always get my coffee and Paula (you may remember the blog post about her tragic story a few months back) told me that she got a new job!!!!!  She will be working at a local hospital emergency room at the front desk. Best part... she will be making TWICE what she was making at the gas station and she should have full benefits after 90 days. I just felt like I should share that here since so may of you prayed for her, donated household items to her family, and have asked me about her. She is really excited and so happy. She will be learning more computer skills, including Excel and Word. She is really encouraged right now and still so grateful for all of our help and well wishes.

2. Five minutes later at the same gas station I was paying for my coffee and the older guy that was ringing me up and I started chatting. I looked up and noticed that he was wearing a Grateful Dead hat. I asked him if he liked the group, or just the hat. He said... "Oh no, man. I love The Dead". I have hundreds of bootlegs from their shows, I've toured with them, etc." He was super excited talking about them, and then kind of stopped as he looked at me (like... uh, what do YOU know about them though... in your high heels and red lips). I admit, I wasn't sporting anything close to the tie-dyed t-shirts, Birkenstocks, or prairie skirts of my youth, but my love did "Not Fade Away".  So... I immediately started telling him that I've been obsessed since I was 13 or 14, that my mom made me wait until I was 16 to go see them live, but then Jerry Garcia died 6 months before I turned 16... that I cried for days over it. I've been to Further Fest, seen Phil & Friends, etc. and although I've lost all of my bootleg tapes over the years (come to think of it, I don't even own a tape player any more) I still listen to them all the time. His face lit.the.hell.up. We became instant friends. BOOM. Just like that. Paula may be leaving the gas station, but I think it's safe to say that I have a new bestie there.

3. I was in line at the grocery store and this woman behind me (probably 65-70 or so) tapped me on the shoulder and said... "Excuse me Honey, do you do Pilates?" I looked down at first wondering if I had something on that said "Pilates" but I didn't. I looked up and said, I do. She said... "I can tell. I can always tell when I see people who do Pilates. They move and stand differently. I used to do it myself, and I can tell a big difference since I have stopped." I told her that I teach privates if she ever wanted to start up again. I doubt she would dig "Melates" <my group class version> (get it: Melissa + Pilates = Melates) which is loud, plays hip-hop music, and is infused with PiYo... which can be pretty physically intense. I don't know if I will ever see her again, but I had a moment right there with her. I never thought I stood or moved any differently than anyone else, but I was insanely flattered by her compliment. I thought it was weird that she said Pilates. Not yoga... or anything more mainstream, but Pilates. It was like a little nudge from God/The Universe telling me that I am exactly where I need to be, and that my body (the thing I am so quick to criticize 90% of the time) is strong and capable, and that maybe I should chill out on being an asshole to it. It was very cool.

I just thought I'd point those 3 things out, because it's so easy to see most days (especially during the work week) as regular, normal, mundane... but there are cool, inspiring, connective little moments is almost every one of them if we are open to receiving them. Does that make sense, or did you check out when I started getting all "hippy-dippy"??  Anyway... I will say one thing about this outfit (since this is a style blog after all)....

I wore this romper to a friend's birthday party a week or so ago. I love rompers, but I need to stop wearing them.

I get so pissed when I am out and have to get buck ass naked in a public restroom to go pee. This one required me to unzip a zipper behind my back... take the belt off completely... and then somehow try not to let it all drop to the filthy floor. I was holding on to it with dear life. I almost fell into the toilet getting it back on. It was dramatic. I must have looked like a reject circus contortionist.

Rompers... the struggle is real.

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