From the Mat to the Streets

Vest: Rock & Republic, Sweatshirt: Old Navy, Pants: Marshalls, Boots: Nine West, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Alex & Ani
It's not often that I do a blog post whilst wearing a sweatshirt and yoga pants.

I mean... not many people (including myself) really think of workout clothes as being overly interesting or inspiring. I have always kept workout clothes and real clothes separate. In my closet and in my mind.

However... these days I am in workout gear a lot. I teach anywhere from 2-4 Pilates sessions a day, at least 5 days a week (before and after my corporate job). I'm not trying to sound like an asshole... "Oh... I work out SO much I am ALWAYS in gym clothes because I am a Billy Badass Boss Bitch in perfect shape." No... I wear them to teach and the other 90% of the time I am in them  because at that point I have lost all desire to deal with regular clothes, or (as was the case yesterday when I wore this after brunch) I had just eaten too much and could not even begin to think about wearing jeans.

Have you ever tried going from yoga pants to jeans??? Shoot me in the face. It's awful. Sitting in denim feels like an ancient torture method after hanging out in lycra all day.

But, because I have less and less desire to be in anything but workout clothes lately, I have been trying  (once in a blue moon when my hair is done and I actually have some make up on) to wear an outfit or two that is more transitional. Something to take me from the yoga mat to the streets (and by streets I mean the Target near my house in the suburbs).

So... instead of sneakers (my usual go-to), I put on these cute booties. And... instead of my old ass Adidas jacket from the year 2000, I opted for this leather vest. Easy.

I know... most of the time you don't give a shit if your workout/lounge gear is fashionable or not, but once in a while wouldn't it be nice to be in Target or Wal-Mart on a Sunday afternoon and not look like you may or may not live out of one of the shopping carts in the parking lot? I mean... there is casual, and then there is homeless. And some days (at least for me) there is a fine line separating the two. Teeter carefully my friends. Carefully.


  1. I love this pimped up joga ensemble Melissa. Hmm so weird, my comments just disappear and aren't shown :-( I just went through your other posts and my comments are not visible, wondering what's wrong with the settings? :-(

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    2. HELLO LOVE!!!! Thank you!!! So good to hear from you! You're looking as beautiful as ever!