Snickers Minis - 1, Me- 0

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YO YO YO... I hope everyone had a great weekend!

It was Halloween, and although we didn't do anything Halloween-related I loved seeing pictures of everyone's kiddos all dressed up and my friends adult costumes. So fun.

We went out of town this weekend to visit the Manfriend's family. Other than that... we did nothing. It was awesome. We ate, talked, hung out, laughed, ate some more, etc. The only real productive thing I did was finish editing photos for a wedding I shot last week. Man, am I glad that is over. WHEW. I had never shot a wedding before. Engagement photos, family shoots, babies, head shots...yes. But someone's wedding????? Capturing photos from one of the most special days of someone's life??? Holy pressure, Batman.

When I finished I sent a link to the pics to the Bride. She was on her honeymoon though so I didn't hear back from her for 36 hours. I was in super mind-fuk mode something serious. "Oh man... what if she's not happy? What if I missed something? What if she regrets not hiring a professional??? WHAAAAAA!!!!!". I heard back from her yesterday though and ThankYou6lb12ozSweetBabyJesus she loves them. Ahhhhhhhhh.... sweet relief. If you want to check them out, they are HERE

Speaking of Halloween weekend...

We bought candy, left it outside for the neighborhood kids to pillage while we were gone and came back to an almost empty cauldron. The thing was filled to the brim when I left. I was surprised to see only about 15 mini-Snickers bars left. Not surprised that that much was gone, just surprised that anyone in their right mind would be able to walk away from Snickers bars. Earlier in the week I saw this (picture below) and posted it to my Pilates FB page.

And... I went all weekend w/o touching a piece of candy. Like a damn boss. Not one. Thennnnnn... I came home to those friggin Snickers bars. Just sitting there, staring at me and I ate them. Not all of them, but dangerously close. FUK. I could not stop. Seriously. It was bad.

Let's just say that if this chart is accurate, I have about 500 burpees ahead of me. I'm not going to do 500 burpees.  But, I will be stepping up my PiYo classes this week to make up for the momentary lapse of judgement. It's not that having some candy now and then is a big deal, but I am one of those zero to a hundred people. All or nothing. I have no control. I hate moderation, and do not have an "off" switch once I start. That's why I have to stay away from sugar in almost all forms almost all of the time. It's like a drug for me. It's my crack. Seriously. I felt like an addict yesterday as I stood in my kitchen, alone, in my elastic waistband yoga pants unwrapping Snickers mini after Snickers mini. Eating them slowly at first then more rapidly. Not savoring them as a treat, more like seeing how many I could eat in one sitting. Like a hot dog eating contest at a fair, only... you're the only contestant. It was so bad that instead of facing how many wrappers were in the trash staring back at me, I just took the fuking garbage out.

Just thought I'd throw that out there in the event that anyone felt alone in their weekend binging, and because if you just saw my post with this picture, you may have thought that I succeeded in staying away from my drug of choice. You are not alone, and I did not.

The binge made me feel like shit emotionally, and so did the sugar. I felt physically ill. I believe that there is NO such thing as "perfection", but I do believe that what you put into your mouth becomes your cells... your blood, your bones, your organs, your energy, your mind, spirit. How you show up in your life. It's all connected. We literately become what we eat. And, I for one, do not want to be made up of mini fucking Snickers bars, ya know? The good news... today is a new day, a new month, and the tail end of a year.

We have more than 3 weeks until Thanksgiving... 24 days to be exact. I love goal-setting, so I am going to give myself some for the next few weeks. What do you want to commit to for 24 days? I am going to...

1. Work out 20 out of the next 24 days.
2. Drink No Alcohol of any kind.
3. Eat No Refined Sugar. (Fruit - yes. White sugar, brown sugar, sugar in the raw, sugar substitutes, honey, agave, packaged foods with added sugar in them. No.)

BOOM. There it is. And... not coincidentally, I found these yesterday. What a great reminder.

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