Nights you can't remember with people you won't forget...

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What up, what up!???!?!?! I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

As far as I could tell by scrolling through social media it looked like this was a big weekend for holiday decorating. I love seeing pictures of everyone's trees, dimly lit living rooms, stockings and mantles. Makes me feel festive and happy. 

I had a great weekend. I had more fun than I have had in a loooong time on Friday night. The manfriend and I went out to celebrate one of our best friend's birthdays. (This is what I wore Friday during the day and later that night). What was supposed to be a pretty low key night out at a restaurant/bar turned into a dance party of epic proportions. The bar we were at has a DJ come on at 10:30pm. The first song he played was a BANGER. 1990's hip hop. My favorite. I looked over at him and back at my friends like WHHHHAAAATTTT?!!?!?!?  I almost couldn't believe it. It was the SAME DJ who used to spin at the bar we all used to go out to together... wait for it... t...t...t...ten years ago. YUP. A decade ago. In 2004 I used to go out with this same group of friends every weekend to the same spot (Phil's Tavern) and THIS was our DJ. One by one we all got up from the table and turned a dining room into a dance floor. We stood for 3 and half hours and danced. I don't think I sat back down one time. It was friggin' incredible. We were singing, dancing, laughing, requesting our favorite old school hits, and reminiscing about the "back in the day". By the end of the night my feet were killing me... my lipstick had worn off hours before... my hair had kinked in all sorts of unattractive ways from sweating... my throat hurt from singing every Jay-Z song from 1996 to 2014... and I had to get up in 4.5 hours, but I could NOT have cared less. I was so damn happy. Hideous and sore, but really happy.

It was an awesome night and the next day, when I thought about it some more, I realized how fortunate I really am.  I moved to Charlotte 11 years ago with no friends and here I was a decade later with some of the same ones I first met having an absolute BLAST; making more memories.

We are a motley crew from different parts of the country, our ages span over a 15-20 year difference, we have totally different jobs from white collar to blue collar, our tastes in just about everything from sports to music to clothes could not be further from one another. We are black, white, and almost every mix in between. We are democrats, republicans, and anti-establishment. Some of us are religious, while others are not. We have enough similarities to bind us and enough differences to challenge each other. We have been together through a lot. People getting married, divorcing, having babies, raising teenagers, breaking up, making up, fighting with each other, not talking, tension, and resolution. We have gone weeks or months without seeing each other, people have moved, lost jobs, taken on second and third jobs, and gone through the trials and tribulations of life. But somehow, we always make it back to one another. And right when it feels like it's been ages since we all hung out, we have a night like Friday. A night that was not planned and could never be duplicated.

We know each other. Love each other. The good, the bad, the ugly, and after 10 years... we are more like family than friends really. The family you choose... your "FRAMILY".

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