Don't Be a D!ck.

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Let me start by saying that I am 100% guilty of this when I am driving. (But I am working on it.)

I have noticed lately that everyone is in a big, damn hurry.

And because of that a lot of people act like rude, assholes.

Why is it that when "we" are in a hurry it's for a legitimate reason (we are running late, someone is waiting for us, we are trying to get to the airport, etc.) but if someone in another car is in a hurry they are just being a d!ck?!?

You never know why someone is in a hurry, and on the road it could be for a million different legitimate reasons. Maybe they are sick and going to shht their pants. Really. You don't know. So... giving someone the benefit of the doubt may be a good idea once in a while. I'm going to work on that on the road, but I've noticed a few other instances lately of people being rude because they are in a rush that are a bit more unacceptable.

I've seen three examples this past week:

1. A woman in line at Starbucks. She kept checking her watch, shifting her weight back and forth on her feet, and rolling her eyes way up in her head because she had been waiting for all of 3 minutes. Chick... you are at STARBUCKS buying a $5 cup of coffee. Clearly this is not a necessity. If you are in that much of a damn hurry, here's an idea...  skip Starbucks. Moron. When she finally got her order taken she was rude to the barista I pictured myself walking up to her and bitch slapping her. Instead,  I just locked eyes with her and gave her a dirty look then loudly complimented the barista on how hard he was working.

2. At the nail salon. Women walk in all of the time without appointments then get all huffy and puffy because there is a 15 minute wait. If your time is so precious, make an appointment. You are not the center of the universe. It is not the salon owner or the technicians fault that they are not telepathic. They did not "sense" that you were coming and clear their schedules for you and your field mouse-catcher, talon toes. Sit down and wait or politely leave. Geesh.

3. A woman walking out of Target was walking SO close to an elderly man that I bet he could actually feel her breath on his neck. There were quite a few people walking out at the same time and she couldn't get around him so she just got right on his heels. Literally. This man was hunched over, was taking each step carefully as not to fall, and using a cart to keep steady. This able-bodied 30-something year old woman was acting like a snotty teenager with no manners. It was insane. I got instantly angry. All I could picture was my own grandpa before he passed, moving slowly but still out and about. I haven't wanted to throat punch anyone that bad in a long, long time.

All of these examples happened in places that I would consider places of relative leisure. Starbucks, Target, and a nail salon.

I think I became acutely aware of these moments because the universe was trying to tell me to slow down. I may not be a bitch in quite the same ways that these women were being, but I sure as hell need to be checked when I am on the road. I expect everyone not going 25 miles over the speed limit to get the hell out of my way. I never stop to think that maybe they have a newborn in the backseat or a tray of food they are bringing to someone that they don't want to spill. Maybe they are driving an elderly parent, or they see a cop up ahead and are actually saving me from getting a ticket?

Anyway, I share all of that not to claim that I have the patience of a saint (because I sure as hell do not) but because I needed to be reminded of it. At a time where everyone seems to be in a giant rush, it's good to pause and remember that we are not the center of the damn universe.

Slow down... take a pause... give a little grace... be extra nice. It doesn't cost you a damn thing; it takes no more time to do and you never know who was an asshole before you. Smiles, compliments and patience could go a long way to make this insane world full of people needing instant gratification (and double-pump lattes) a better place.

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