Hefty Cinch Sack

Dress: Lotus, Shoes: Off Broadway, Purse and Watch: Michael Kors

Sometimes you just have to hit the reset button.

I made one little change last week and now I feel like a million bucks.

Last Sunday night I was lying in bed and I thought... "Oh shit. I forgot to create the schedule for my week's group Pilates/PiYo classes, post it, and create the class sign ups online." So... I typed myself a reminder in my phone to do it in the morning and I went to sleep. About 3 hours later (at 3:30am) I woke up and could not get back to sleep. I started thinking about all of my "to-dos". Things I "had" to get done, things I "planned" on doing and things I wanted to do that week. I started to feel overwhelmed and resentful... and the week hadn't even friggin' started yet. (Sound familiar to anyone?)

So... I decided to take a break.

I decided that I was going to take one thing off of my plate that I had control over. I was not going to teach my evening Pilates and PiYo classes for one week. Don't get me wrong... I love them, but teaching 4-5 classes a week (after my own workouts, other classes and working all day) and not getting home until 9:15-9:30pm on weeknights can be a wee bit of a bitch sometimes. Getting home that late puts me in the shower as soon as I get in, dinner after that, defrag time and then bed (normally no earlier than midnight).

I haven't had a break from my schedule for a whole week in over a year (and that was when my grandma passed, so I'd hesitate to call that a "break").

What I really wanted was a summer vacation.

Since I couldn't take a week off from my corporate job and run away to a beach I made a simple, realistic change to free up some mental and physical space in my week. It was just what I needed. I went for walks, shopped for, prepared, and ate dinner all before 8pm. I finished a book, started another one, had two date nights with my manfriend. I hung out with girlfriends, watched a soccer match, worked my Rodan + Fields business (which I am loving, by the way) and took Pure Barre classes. I got my workouts in, but as a student. When I am teaching I am on  high alert, watching people's form and focusing on giving adequate modifications for various fitness levels and past injuries. When I am the student I can really get in the zone.

Most days I love my schedule. I like fast-paced. I'm a mover and shaker by nature, and being that way allows me to live fully. I get a lot done. I am conscious about what I spend my time doing and who I spend it with. Plus... a full schedule allows me to truly appreciate free time. I am grateful for it. I do not take it for granted. Sometimes though, you just need to slow the hell down and smell the proverbial roses.

Is there anything in your life you can take a quick break from that will allow you to rest? If so, I highly recommend it. It did wonders for my soul.


Have you ever worn an outfit and thought... "Ehh... this is fine." Then you see a picture of yourself and think... "What is Sam-Hell was I thinking?" Yeah... this is a perfect example of that.

I put this on last week and felt okay about it; then I saw these pictures. I look like I am wearing a garbage bag. All I could think of was that damn jingle for Hefty Cinchsacks.... "Wimpy, Wimpy, Wimpy... Hefty, Hefty, Hefty". Not to mention that when I sit down, my ass must eat the entire bottom half of the dress. It gets SUPER short. I hope no one chokes around me while I am wearing it, because it would be best for me not to make any sudden movements. "Sir, I see you asphyxiating on that steak, I'll be there in a juuuuuuust moment."

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