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 I never used to think of myself a creature of habit, but man... I found out over the last few weeks that I am a VERY scheduled person. 
When I don’t have a schedule I don’t get SHIT done. 
Zip, zero, zilch.
Late July/August has been cray-cray and I've been thrown way off course. 
Three weekends ago and into the next week I had family in town visiting from NY. Two weekends ago we were out of town visiting the manfriend’s family in Georgia. Last week and weekend I was off on vacation. 
I have not held Pilates or PiYo classes in over a week. 
I have barely gone to Pure Barre. 
I ran out of clean socks because I hadn't done laundry in so long.
The rug in our living room was covered in dog hair.
The only food we had in our fridge were Brussel sprouts and pickles. 
I didn't notice a damn thing. 
I mean... I wore outfits like this for gawds sake. Tiny shorts with ridiculous shoes. Who cares? I didn't have to go into work. 
I was living a life of leisure, man. I couldn't be bothered with common things like exercise, laundry, grocery shopping, house work or sensible footwear. 
I was too busy doing important things... like deciding which bathing suit top to wear with which bottom.
I was so out of the swing of things that it took me 3 attempts to  remember my password when I logged into my work computer this morning. I could not for the life of me remember it. I used every curse word I could think of in one run-on sentence while I was trying to recall it (because that always helps).
I actually woke up today shocked as shit that I had to shower and put on heels to go into the office. My mind was all like… “Uhhhh wait a DAMN minute... we don’t work anymore”. 
Then the voice of my bank account chimed in and snapped me right back into reality. That bitch.
I know that my job is the only reason I can afford to take a vacation and that I should be grateful for it, but I was not at that zen place this morning filled with gratitude and perspective. This morning I was an ungrateful asshole who much preferred the life of leisure I enjoyed all of last week.
My time off was amazing though. My mom and I road tripped down to the beach, we hung out at the pool and ocean all day, we walked around historical Charleston, ate good food, went on a ghost tour and came back to Charlotte where we spent the rest of the trip with my brother, SIL and my manfriend. It was awesome. No emails, no calendar reminders, no meetings, no classes, no deadlines, no alarm clocks. <<<Thank you for that, Mom. I love you so much and I am insanely grateful for you.>>>
But a quick break from my schedule was enough. 
I'm ready to be back to my regularly scheduled program. 
I really like getting shit done. Except laundry. 
I fking hate laundry.  

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