Baby Got Back

Hat: Bakers, Sweater: The Limited, Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Purse: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: LeVian, Bracelets: Ivy & Leo and Century 21, Necklace: HandPicked (photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)
I had a salad for lunch today and it cost me $8.50, which is exactly how much I paid for this skirt! Realizing that made me want to return my lunch and run to F21 for another one. I refrained from doing so today, but I can't promise I won't pack a brown bag tomorrow and pocket the cash for an impromptu trip to the mall. This outfit is pretty basic, a simple skirt and sweater (both of which are stretchy, so it was really comfortable). The shoes, however, were not so comfortable. They are easily 5" and were not adequately broken in before I foolishly put them on this morning. (A great way to break your heels in is to put 1 or 2 pairs of athletic socks on and wear them around your house a few times. If the bottoms are slippery, take a piece of sand paper and rub it along them or just go on a concrete surface like a driveway, and scuff them up really well.) Lucky for me, I keep a spare pair of shoes at my desk for emergencies such as this. I liked the snake skin pattern with the solid top and basic bottom, but I could also wear this outfit with my nude shoes with the black heel (Polka Dots, Lace, and Faux Fur post) or the leopard print numbers (Big Ben post). You could also put a belt around your waist with this outfit, but with the stripes and long necklace (that could double as Christmas Tree decoration) I thought there was enough going on. Although, now that I see my nail color in the 3rd picture, I am thinking that I should have thrown on a bright red skinny belt and some red shoes for more of a "pop". Dang...next time. Okay, so let's discuss the "elephant in the room" shall we? Horizontal Stripes....ACROSS MY BUTT no less. We all know the old rule about forgoing horizontal stripes (which supposedly make you look larger) in favor of vertical stripes (which make you look thinner...and there is something to be said for that rule) but I liked the skirt a lot and it was $8.50!  I didn't let my hesitation stop me from buying it or wearing it and I am glad. So, if my hips and backside looked a little larger than normal today...so what! Baby Got Back!

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