Cornucopia of Colors

Skirt: The Limited, Sweater: The Limited, Scarf: Express, Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Purse: Eileens, Watch: Micheal Kors, Bracelets: Handpicked, Rings: LeVian (photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)

They say that "one thing leads to another". That was the case this morning at my house. Yesterday's pin straight hair lead me to this messy, dirty ponytail today. I tried  to straighten it out again to squeeze two days out of Monday morning's effort, but the attempt left me with a slew of flat, straight hair with zero volume or potential. So, I threw it in a ponytail and went to about my merry way, heading straight on into my closet...where I found this scarf. I was initially attracted to this scarf because it had so many great, vibrant colors in it. That being said, my first instinct was to just pair it with a simple black pencil skirt and a white 3/4 length sleeve cotton t-shirt. My thought was that the scarf was "loud" enough to carry the whole outfit. While that is true, upon closer look at the scarf I saw this pretty, purple-hued feather smack dab in the middle of this scarf. That lone feather just happened to match this sweater that I had hanging up right next to it. (You can see the feather I am referring to in photo number 2.) This sweater is the same exact style from The Limited that I wore in my last post (Baby Got Back). I have a habit of finding something I like and buying it in a couple of different colors. I also have a third one that is light gray (it's a problem and indicative of sheer laziness on my part...I know, I know). The idea of pulling the crazy colors from the scarf into the whole outfit lead me to this orange skirt. I don't think I have ever worn purple (eggplant, if you will) with orange. Unless you are a Clemson Tigers football fan, those colors don't normally get paired up on a regular basis (that reference was for you, Jen T. and Bri C.). The scarf in the middle of it all pulled the two colors together nicely, and again I went with a pair of nude heels (refraining from adding yet another competing color into the mix). If you can find a pair of heels really close to the same color as your skin, you are in luck. You will rarely ever have to wear another pair. Especially when your legs exposed. I grabbed this great Hunter Green leather satchel last minute. I bought it in 2007 at a little Charlotte boutique that has since relocated. I rarely carry it anymore, but today I thought it fit the cornucopia of color I was already working with. Lots of fall colors going on here. I look more like a Thanksgiving table centerpiece than anything else, but hey....'tis the season! 

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  1. Purple and Orange are the colors of a sunset....I bet you pulled it off without a hitch!