The Black Album

Jumper: Ivy & Leo, Earrings: lotus, Purse(s): lotus, Belt: lotus, Rings: lotus, Shoes: Chinese Laundry (photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)

Dirty hair and a one piece outfit, it doesn't get much lazier than this! This jumper is comfortable... and stylish, and since it is all one piece and all black its a no-brainer. It looks good dressed up with heels, a belt, and accessories, or "naked" with cute flats or gladiator sandals. Normally I love to add a pop of color or something unexpected with shoes,  but because this jumper isn't quite as long as I'd like it to be I opted for black heels to keep it streamlined. If your pants are a touch too short, stay as close to the same color as the pants as you can so it doesn't cut you off and make your legs look short.  I liked this outfit without a belt, but if you want to spice it up and add some color, a belt is a great option.  This coral belt that ties in the back changed the look of the whole outfit (although it felt a little like a kimono with the belt...."Memoirs of a Geisha" much?).  Some ladies stay away from jumpers because they are all one piece, and not versatile enough to mix and match (translation: it's obvious when you wear it over and over again). Not so my friends...this all black number can be worn a dozen different ways. Embrace the jumper....switch up the accent color, the way you wear your hair, accessories, coats, vests, etc. Sky's the limit!