Purple Haze

Shirt: MISSONI for Target, Skirt: The Limited, Necklace: Handpicked, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Handpicked, Stella & Dot, Ivy &Leo, Purse: Shoe Dazzle, Shoes: Michael Shannon (photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)
An obsession with all things Purple. My Mom likes to tell the story about how when I was a little girl I loved purple so much that I refused to leave the house (and would throw a fit if she suggested I did) until I was wearing at least one purple thing. This morning as I looked in the mirror and noticed my purple skirt, sweater with purple in it, purple shoes, and later in the day, purple lipstick I couldn't help but think of that story. Sometimes you just don't want to think about what goes together, what compliments each other and what "works". Some days you just want to wake up, mindlessly throw on the same color head to toe and walk out the door. Today was that day for me. I did however stray from my go-to nude pumps, so I was slightly proud of myself for that! This top is a MISSONI for Target top. Anyone who is familiar with the Italian designer knows that they are widely recognized for their signature patterns full of colorful squiggly lines. Some people think their patterns are ugly, too busy, and unwearable, but I happen to love them! A couple of months ago MISSONI teamed up with Target to launch a much more affordable line to the masses. I stayed away from Target the day the line launched (CNN reported that the mass hysteria around the arrival of the line actually produced so much traffic to target.com that the site shut down for the first time in the company's history and that the actual stores looked like Black Friday at 5am). I did however go in a few weeks later and saw this lone piece in the middle of a random rack. I left without even trying it on. I loved it so much that I figured if it's too tight, I'll wear something over it, and if it is too big, I'll wear something under it. Lucky for me, and in the words of Goldilocks....it was juuuust right! When wearing a pattern this busy everything else can be simple. I threw my hair up out of my face, stayed away from any competing color in accessories,  and pulled a color from the sweater into my skirt and shoes. Done and Done! I also have an orange skirt (refer to the "I'm Batman" blog post) that works with this top and with that skirt I would definitely head straight towards my go to shoes!

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