A Few of My Favorite Things...

Carrie, the woman behind the lens and her adorable, hubby; who I affectionately refer to as, Fiz.

Black & Brown, Red, Black Faux Fur: Shoe Dazzle, Gray: lotus

Wine and Pretzels: Harris Teeter, Cashews: Trader Joes

Saucony Running Shoes: Dick's Sporting Goods

Throw Pillows: Target, Laptop: MacBook Pro, Websites: This One and Pinterest

Dry Shampoo: TRESemme, Prep & Prime: MAC, Perfume: Vince Camuto, Mascara: Covergirl, Blush: NARS in Orgasm, Daily Exfoliant: Demrmalogica, Hand Soap: Spearmint Eucalyptus/Bath & Body Works, Brown Pencil: Beautiful Brows

Quoteable Magnets: Paper Skyscraper

Cards: Bliss

Necklace and Ring: Boris & Natasha, Earrings: lotus, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Stella & Dot and a NYC Vendor, Candle: Glade-Holiday Cheer
Faux Fur Bolero: Michael Kors, Clutch: Pink and Blue, Tights: Target, Shoes: BCBG

Photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust and Ebony S
(All photos for this post: Me) 
Since we only have a few days left in 2011 I decided to showcase a few of my favorite things from this year. 
I started with a picture of my bestest friend in the whole world, Carrie, and her husband, Beau. This blog our brainchild and Carrie is the photographer for 90% of the pictures taken for ModaFresca. We were talking about personal style blogs one afternoon and decided that we should do one that focuses on the average woman. The woman who doesn't have a trust fund, live in Milan, or wear a size 0. This blog is for women who work, have families, shop at Target. It's for woman who have spunk and style (or who are not yet convinced that they do) and love clothes, but they also have other things to do and worry about. Carrie and I love this blog. We find time for it. Make time for it. We e-mail, IM, text, and call each other to carve out 15 minutes every day/every other day to meet up. It is a labor of love and there is no one else that I would rather share it with. I chose this picture of Carrie, for two reasons. Number one, it's cute. Number two, it has her hubby in it. Her hubby who supports her and everything she cares about. Carrie and Beau Foust, you are two of my favorite things. The rest of this stuff seems pretty superficial in comparison but I love it nonetheless. ;)
Purses....I must have dozens, but these four are a few of my favorites. They are big enough to carry all of my junk in and none of them are overly expensive. They are versatile and incorporate lots of fun stuff like quilted patterns, tassels, hardware, and faux fur. 
Oh snacks and wine...my life would be miserable without you. These chili-lime cashews and cheddar pretzel chips are ridiculously addicting and great for having out on the table when you're entertaining. 
Running shoes. Let's be honest, running is not one of my favorite things, but the color of these little beauties alone inspire me to get off my butt every once in a while. 
2011 was also the year that I got my first Apple computer. A Mac Book Pro. It was a surprise from my boyfriend. Flippin' AWESOME. I have it propped up against throw pillows because I have an unhealthy obsession with them. They are like accessories for your living room. I have a closet full of them and switch them out every few weeks or so to change up the way a room looks. My brother's fiance calls me the "Queen of Throw Pillows". It's a problem. I also just recently found Pinterest (the website that is up in the second photo). It is an online pin board. It is wonderful and more addicting than those cheddar pretzel chips!
In my opinion, these are some of the best products ever made (or at least that I have found). TRESemme's dry shampoo gets me through many and Monday morning (as well as about half of the other mornings in a work week). I shake up the can, spray it along my part, bangs, and sides and brush it into my hair to soak up the day two grease. It's probably best for women with light hair because it does have a white-ish tint to it. It's a time, and life saver. The white and gray bottle is a daily exfoliant by Dermalogica. It's a powder than you mix with a little bit of water and it sloughs off all of the dead skin on your face. It's really fine, so it doesn't tear your skin up and it leaves your pores looking notably smaller. It is not cheap though, so I use it sparingly.  The hand soap from Bath & Body Works is about the only fragrance my boyfriend and I can agree on. It is the perfect unisex scent. No man wants to leave the bathroom with hands that smell like lavender or cake batter. This has a great, clean, minty scent. We have the candles, lines spray and body wash. I will admit, we have gone a touch overboard with it, but have not gotten sick of it yet. MAC's Prep & Prime is something I use when I go out at night or really need my make-up to stay put and look good. I used to think that primer was an unnecessary toiletry...until I used this stuff. It makes your skin feel flawless and helps any foundation, liquid or powder stay put. It's like photoshop for your face. The perfume is by Vince Camuto. I love the bottle and the scent. It is not over powering and is perfect for every day. The mascara is by Cover Girl. It's Lash Blast and for me, it has to be Very Black in the orange tube. It volumizes, lengthens, doesn't clump and you can layer it on until your lashes look exactly the way you want them to. The blush is my all time favorite. It is by NARS and it is called Orgasm. It is an orangy-pink and gives you the perfect flush. They also have a version called Super Orgasm, but it's a little too glittery for me personally. The brow pencil is made by Indelible. This shade is Brunette, because let's be honest, my hair isn't naturally this blonde. ;) A good strong brow can change the look of your whole face. If your brows are thin, patchy, too light, or if you have been butchered by a bad esthetician try an eyebrow pencil. If you apply it with too heavy of a hand, use the brush on the other end of it to lighten it up. If you don't have this particular brand of pencil, use a tooth or brow brush to get the same effect. 
The quotes in the first photo are two of my favorites of all time. I keep them on my refrigerator where I can see them every day.  I am lover of quotes. They have the power to turn my day around and give me perspective when I need it most. The second photo is of two cards (both of which Carrie gave me). When I get beautiful cards I keep them. I love looking back at them and reading what was written inside. I picked up my love of cards from my mother. She has always given me the best cards for Christmas, my birthday, graduations, and she still mails them to me out of the blue every once in a while just to tell me that she loves me, is proud of me, and supports me. 
Jewelry and Michael Kors watches..."NUFF" said. In my opinion, no outfit is complete without at least one fun accessory. Most women get dressed, look in the mirror, then take one accessory off to avoid having "too much" on. I on the other hand, get dressed, accessorize, look in the mirror, then add two (or three) additional pieces. 
Faux fur, patterned tights, a bright green reptile "skin" clutch, and nude shoes...staples. Well, they may not be staples but they sure do add fun to many a outfit.
The photos are from a shoot that my BF and I did a few weeks ago. We played dress up, had a great time, and have some fun pictures to show for the day. It's nice to get our of your comfort zone once in a while...hey, you only live once, right?!
I know this was a loooong post, but I love all of the stuff showcased her. I hope you do too.

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