High Voltage

Cardigan: Marshalls, Tank/Belt: Forever 21, Skirt/Belt/Shoes: Target, Necklace: Stella & Dot, Handpicked, Bracelets: Century 21, Forever 21, Ivy & Leo, Earrings: Marthe Pinaire/The Boulevard, Watch/Purse: Michael Kors (photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)
I have not worn this skirt in over a year and a half, so I put it on this morning (not gonna lie, it was a little snug...may be time to start that long overdue, generic New Years resolution of more yoga, less mindless consumption). However, his skirt is tricky. All over animal print can be done "all wrong" very easily. You have two choices when it comes to a garment that is animal print. You can trash it down, or class it up. The later is a little more difficult to do; but, with tights, simple black platform pumps, and a cardigan I think I pulled it off. Any additional full-coverage, black material and I may be mistaken for a nun. Albeit an over accessorized one. When I realized that my arms and legs were covered in black I wanted to add a pop of color somewhere, so I grabbed this bright yellow tank top. I usually reserve this neon shirt for the summer (when I have a tan), but these fabulous neon earrings that I scored last week persuaded me to bust it out in January. Now, if you have been reading this blog, you know I love a good NPB (No Purpose Belt) but today I had to wear one. I have worn this cardigan so many times with a belt around my waist, that I actually lost the middle button. I am betting that poor little button gave up it's fight after constantly battling against all those pesty belt buckles. I used the belt as an opportunity to throw a little more yellow into the mix. The yellow in this belt is bordered with brown (and although I am wearing all black everywhere else)...I threw it on anyway. I know...I know...I'm craaazy. I've said it before though, I embrace brown (light and/or camel) with black. The blue accessories came in at the end. I put on this black bracelet, and it matched the blue one, so I stacked them (naturally). I liked the way the blue bounced off of the yellow, so I grabbed all the blue necklaces that were within reach and threw those on too. I then pulled out another summer treasure...this great gold MK watch with...wait for it...a turquoise face. BOO-YAH! I may be way more excited than anyone else about my accessory combo today, but I'm fine with that.

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