San Fran: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Trench: Marina Luna, Shirt: Forever 21, Tank: Banana Republic, Skirt: The Limited, Shoes that I am Wearing: Aldo, Floral Shoes in Collage: Forever 21, Beat up Ballet Flats: Off Broadway, Big Bag and Clutches: All Forever 21, Watches: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Ivy & Leo, Forever 21, HandPicked, Gold Braided Necklace in Collage Photo: Express, Earrings: The Limited, Ring: LeVian (photos: Me and My Handy Dandy Self Timer)
Leaving San Fran...bittersweet. I am looking forward to getting home, but pretty bummed to be saying goodbye to this city that I love so much. Every time that I visit the West coast, I become more and more convinced that I am really a West coast girl at heart (I really like the laid back vibe, arts & culture, food, people, water, sunshine....I could go on and on). My clients did promise me a "corner office with floor to ceiling widows" if I moved here (with a spectacular view on the city), but unless it came with a trillion dollar a year raise, I doubt that the boyfriend and I would be packing up our dogs and booking a U-Haul for the cross country pilgrimage. Speaking of the BF, I spoke to him on the phone while I was out here and he mentioned that at home in Charlotte, it was cold, rainy, pitch black at Noon, and that there is a chance of snow in the upcoming days. That news made me depressed (since its been sunny and in the 60's all week here), but it also inspired me to throw on a colorful outfit to celebrate my last day in the sunshine. I started with this fuchsia shirt, since it matched these (new) shoes perfectly. (Yes, I have 2 pairs of pink pumps at home, but these are a little more fuchsia/purple and they were 30% off...so). I started to head towards a black pencil skirt that I packed, because I also only packed black tank tops and tights, but changed my mind when I saw this turquoise skirt that I had with me. If I were home and had access to my dresser/closet, I probably would have paired this fuchsia/turquoise combo with nude hose and a nude, or white tank, but I worked with what I had and the blue skirt made me much happier than the black one would have. Although the weather is nice, it is pretty windy here, so I grabbed my tan trench, ballet flats for walking, big bag for my camera and heels, and headed out to work. I was pretty impressed with myself for having matching little clutches with me. I didn't plan that out (while, maybe subconsciously I did). I used both of these fun little bags to pack my jewelry/makeup in. I didn't actually plan on carrying them. I used the pink one as my wallet today (id, debit card, graveyard for receipts) and stuck it in the blue one, which I used as my purse (phone, sunglasses, lipstick). After a long day of meetings, I stopped into H&M one last time, walked Market Street for what seemed like miles and miles, then headed back to my hotel to pack. I also ordered a bottle of California wine (not on the company credit card of course), and I'm hoping it's the wine throwing off my senses, but this suitcase feels a WHOLE lot heavier now than when I arrived. Score: Union Square: 1, Melissa: 0. DANG!

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