(Sweatshirt: Forever 21, Leggings: Target, Boots: Kenneth Cole Reaction, Bag: Forever 21 (photos: Me and my lousy self timer skills) 

I left Charlotte this week headed to the West Coast. San Francisco, California. San Fran is one of my favorite cities of all time, so I was pretty pumped when my clients from my 9-5 invited me out here for some big meetings. You may be thinking that this isn't a very "unique" or "exciting" outfit to showcase, but it is what I wore to travel, so here you are. Every day fashion at (maybe not) it's best. I had to be at the Charlotte airport in the morning, had a layover, and then another long stretch of flight. I was in the air, or in an airport ALL day, so I really wanted to be comfortable (but I didn't want to be completely frumpy). Frankly, frumpy puts me in a foul mood. I scored this sweatshirt (which I loooooooove) from Forever 21 in Charlotte. It's over-sized, bright red, comfy, and has a big and bold positive message on both the front and back. I don't normally wear clothes with words on them (especially words this ridiculously large), but I was happy to make an exception this go-around. Plus, the whole, "PEACE" and "JOYFUL" message spoke to my inner hippie and seemed appropriate for a trip to San Fran (hippie capital of the world ;)! The sweatshirt is large enough to pair with leggings, so that's just what I did. I also wanted to bring a flat, comfortable boot that I could walk around in with me on my trip, but they take up a lot of room (and weight) in the ole suitcase so I wore them to avoid all that hassle. I threw on red lipstick, because, well...I just wanted to. Did you really expect me to wear a shirt this red without it??? Come on now. I got to my hotel at about 6pm PST, but my body was still on EST so it felt like 9pm. Instead of going to bed though, I took my camera and set out to figure out the self timer. Did I mention I got an AWESOME new camera for Christmas??? Yeah, buddy...I sure did and it has a handy-dandy self timer function! (Thanks to my BF for the gift and my girl, Ebony, who helped him out with the make and model choice.) I have never used a self timer before, not even once in my life....and I am afraid it shows here. I actually included some of the self timer blooper pics in the post just because they are pretty cool. Oh, and this bag....SCORE! I also found this at Forever 21 and I got it specifically for this trip. I had to carry a laptop bag with 2 laptops in it, a purse, and I didn't want to check my camera, so I needed a bag large enough to carry both my camera and my big purse in it. You know, since you can only have 2 personal items go on the plane with you. This bag is perfect. It has handles and a really long strap that allowed me to cross it over my body, which is always the best way to carry a bag with valuables in it. I love it. I did however see (after I bought the black and creme one) that they also have a creme and orange one just like it, which I also really liked.  I didn't get very creative with the pics, but I decided to share anyway. I'll try to work on my self timer skills and update with an outfit or two that I wear out here. Adios, from the WEST COAST, Mamacitas!!! (Please excuse the way this post is formatted. Something is acting funky and I can't fix it, so instead of throwing my computer across the room, I am just going to deal with it :)

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