Bras and Belly Rolls

Blazer: Marshalls, Skirt: Target, Tank: Forever 21, Shoes: Aldo, Watch and Purse: Michael Kors, Necklace: Vivian B. Earrings: SisStyle at LOTUS, Ring: Aldo Accessories
Smooshed boobs and belly rolls. That is all I see when I look at these pictures! HA! (These were from Thursday, I'm a little behind this week). I had a racer back tank and bra on in these pictures and apparently the bra did NOTHING for my chest. I always try to downplay my chest (which I hate and find completely useless), but sometimes smooshing "the girls" (a term I absolutely hate) into minimizer bras and attempting to shove them under your armpits until the disappear is unflattering (who would have "thunk" it??!!). Besides my lifelong battle with bras and my hate/hate relationship with these big useless boobs, the other thing that stands out to me is how it looks like I have a big ol' Dunlap spare tire around my waist. Now, I am NOT saying that I have washboard abs (because that would be a complete lie fabricated in the furthest place of my imagination),  but this shirt makes it look MUCH worse than it is when I sit down. The reason for this is that this tank is actually pretty long and it flares out at the bottom. It is really flowy. It could be a maternity shirt (and maybe I'll wear it as one in 30 years when I become the world's oldest mother). This skirt is loose and stretchy, so the waistband does not hold the shirt in when I sit down, so all of the extra material comes out and settles right around your waist. Super flattering and not annoying AT all (*insert sarcasm). Take a look at picture #2. I almost didn't post it because it makes me angry, but figured I'd add it in the essence of you know... "keeping it REAL". 
As you can see, this is not a normal Thursday night for me. I do not usually drink or go out on "school nights" (and this is not what I wore to work that day), but I had a PTO day on Friday and the stars had perfectly aligned so that all of the "LOTUS ladies"could get together. So, we called up some of our dudes to meet us on the patio of a local restaurant for a perfect night of cocktails, appetizers, and belly laughs (and belly rolls apparently). 

On another note: I was on Cloud 9 all day on Thursday after seeing this shout out on the SIS STYLE blog. I love when things just come together and connect! MAGIC. Check it out: http://www.sisstyle.net/2012/03/blog-spotlight-modafresca.html#comment-form

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