Smelly Haired Spolied Brat

Skirt: Express, Shirt: Eileen's (boutique that has since moved to AZ), Belt: Aldo, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Watch and Bag: Michael Kors, Bracelet: LOTUS

1. My hair is FILTHY....it was washed on...wait for it...Saturday. DAAAAANG. Good thing this isn't a "Scratch and Sniff" blog. HA!(That was gross, sorry.) Oh, and I ate frozen yogurt on Saturday afternoon (that I consumed rather aggressively) and flung some into my hair. I just brushed threw the hardened part the next morning and curled it with a big barrel curling iron. It looked decent yesterday, but by today when I tried to re-curl it, it just wasn't working. It fell out almost immediately. It actually looks better in these photos than it did in real life. It is bad. I may just shower tonight so I don't sleep amongst my own filth and inadvertently flip grease onto the other side of the bed. 

2. As far as the outfit goes, this skirt was on a hanger that was resting on the knob of my dresser in my closet. So, since it was front and center, I grabbed it and put it on. I didn't have the brain power to get creative, so I grabbed this flowy black shirt (with puffy sleeves that look like a cross between 80's shoulder pads and the ones defensive linemen wear under their jerseys). Since there is a camel color on the bottom of the skirt, I took a similar colored belt and put it around my waist to give some sort of definition. I refer to these little buggers (my favorite accessories) as NPB's, or No-Purpose Belts. They are not holding anything up, but they do give a boring outfit another element. I really think that 3 pieces usually looks better than 2 (your standard top and bottom). The shoes match the colors in my outfit, so I went with them. 

3. Apparently this shirt is see through in photographs. So, you get a nice view of my uber-sexy, utilitarian, minimizer bra in picture #3. You're welcome.

4. This is a new MK watch. I love it. It is so simple and classic.  It is the MK 'Bradley' watch. Retail price is about $180, but I got it for $80 at Nordstrom Rack. I know....I have a problem. I now call myself a collector of MK watches. It makes me feel like I am acquiring them for a purpose. One other than mindlessly accumulating things I don't need. Which really is the same thing as being a collector I guess.

5. The bag is new too. I know. I am a spoiled brat and you hate me. I get it. Look at it. It's so pretty. If it looks familiar, it is because it is the same style as my off-white one. It's my favorite style. It fits everything in it. It was a gift from the BF. I like to think of it as surprise payment for hours of hard work and stress. I helped my BF purge, clean, and organize his closet that was bursting with things he didn't wear. This is what we did on Saturday night. I know...we are animals. After donating 3 enormous garbage bags full of clothes (the kind you use for yard leaves in the fall) he didn't have many regular, casual outfits. So... after church and brunch, we spent 6 hours at the mall(s) yesterday shopping for him. I am pretty sure I am a candidate for sainthood after that excursion. He is SO difficult! He is convinced that anything other than a few primary colors are not wearable. I suggested COLOR, and lots of it. I also suggested patterns, and ties that didn't match (but looked great together). I put it all of it in my arms and forced him to try it on and what do you know....he looked great. He would have kept that furrowed brow scowl on his face, but he was too busy bashfully smiling at how good he knew he looked. 

Final score for the day...Boyfriend: 0, Girlfriend: 1. BOO-YAAAAAH

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