Freshly Baked...Sausage?

Sweater, Skirt, Tights: all Target, Purse: Eileens (boutique in CLT that closed a few years ago), Shoes: Off Broadway, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: LeVian (to me/from me 30th bday gift),Bracelets: HandPicked and Ivy & Leo (photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)
Let me start by saying that I love wearing layers. I think they make outfits much more interesting than a standard top/bottom combo, but with too many you can feel a bit overwhelmed. Such was my predicament today. HOLY layers, Batman. I felt like encased meat; sausage to be exact. My poor waist/belly button. If I had an “outie”, that thing would have been an “innie” by the end of today.  It was covered by tights, a skirt, a tank top that was tucked into the skirt, a sweater over the top of all of it and then, as if that was not enough, I threw a belt on and tightened it up around my waist. You’d think all of that restriction would have deterred me from eating anything at all, but don’t get crazy. I wore these hunter green tights and shoes last Monday to work with a tan skirt, basic tan top and a big hunter green scarf with a design on it (think a silk scarf similar to one an old lady may put on her head to protect her freshly styled hair, not, a “brr…my neck is cold” scarf). I liked the hunter green tights and how they worked with these preppy stacked shoes, but I didn’t want to wear the exact same outfit that I wore last week (although if an outfit is worn and it does not result in a blog post, did it ever really happen…hmmm?). So, I started with the tights and shoes, grabbed this sweater (that I just wore on Sunday, so it was still laying limp over the top of the rack in my closet), tucked in a thin, simple tank to prevent this outfit from having even more “bulk”, then cinched it all at the middle to try to salvage some semblance of a waist. I got a lot of compliments on this little get up, but I guess I am just so used to bright colors that if I wear an outfit made up predominately of tan, navy, and dark green, it seems kind of lame to me. Hence the reason I pumped up the army candy. I got the inspiration for the tights from my nail color. I love it, but I am going on two weeks with it, so at this point I am reeeeeally sick of it. I figured I’d get another wear out of these tights (since they look “supa-dupa fly “<said in best Missy Elliott voice> with my nails and this purse) before I swap out my army green nails for bright fire-engine red nails (or something equally as obnoxious). Oh, and if you are wondering what in the world this random picture of lotion is…it is what I smelled like all day today. It is from The Boulevard at South End. It is made by The Grapeseed Company, and it is stupid delicious. It smells like a mix of amaretto, cinnamon, and vanilla . It’s not a sexy…”come hither” kind of smell, but if your man is into baked goods, it may be pretty tantalizing. So… I felt like a sausage link but smelled like a cake straight out the oven. Somehow the thought of that makes me throw up a little in my mouth. That being said…do yourself a favor and get this lotion. It is amazing. No. Really. It is. One of my co-workers (who is on a diet) almost jumped my when she smelled it. It smells that delicious. Okay… senseless rant over. The End.

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