Sharp Dressed Man

(photos: me)
Yesterday was my boyfriend's birthday. He is the dapper dude in the middle of the first picture (and featured in the second). He is a pretty sharp guy, wouldn't ya say? He had a real shopping problem when we first met (he bought a new shirt and jeans before each one of our dates for the first 3 months...no, really, he did), and although he has gotten that somewhat under control he still has a pretty mean wardrobe and likes to look good when he steps out. As I was thinking about him and his upcoming birthday last week I had an idea (that I wasn't exactly sure he'd be down with). Why don't I take pictures of his friends and him for the blog. You know, do a little men's style post...switch it up a bit. I asked a few of his boys to join in and although they may have secretly rolled their eyes, they agreed to do it (what good sports, right)? The idea was two-fold really. On one hand I wanted to get some detailed shots of what young men in their 20's and 30's wear on a day to day basis and share them. On the other hand I wanted to get some images of my BF on his birthday to capture him as he is at this exact point in his life. He works exceptionally hard, bends over backwards to help his loved ones, takes care of everyone, is sincere, intimidatingly intelligent, sweet, funny, humble, creative, strong, and appreciative of every good thing in his life.  As a matter of fact, I can honestly say the same for every single dude featured in these photos. They are loyal husbands, fiances, boyfriends, entrepreneurs, providers, and great friends. There are plenty of guys in the world that dip out on their responsibilities, are not motivated, or just take an extra 20 years to mature. These guys...not so much. Each and every one of them sets the bar really high for the rest of their gender and I must say...they look good doing it! No one discussed what they were going to wear (guys don't really do that much anyway, do they?) and I just instructed them to wear whatever they wanted to. I was cracking up when 3 out of 5 showed up wearing a shade of purple. Dark jeans and button downs were the uniform of the day, but each one of them did that combo up a bit differently. We've got everything from button downs with contrasting cuffs (which I love), to a vest, bow-tie,  baseball hats with matching shoes, bad-a$$ watches, medals (this one was the first gift I ever got my BF, actually) and most importantly the confidence to pull off whatever their individual style is. I love men's fashion and I think I can safely say that..."every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man". 

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