Jeans and Top: LOTUS, Shoes: Aldo, Bag, Ring, and Necklace: ShoeDazzle, Bracelets: F21 and Target, Watch: Michael Kors
I purposely matched these shoes to my necklace today, but it didn't hit me that I had also matched my make-up to it to until I saw these pictures (and realized that my eyeliner was purple and my lips were red). How lame is that. I mean, obviously I knew it...but I put my make-up on before I decided what I was going to wear. I hope the eyeliner was subtle enough not to make it obvious that my make-up matched my stupid necklace. I usually hate it when people's makeup matches their outfit perfectly. It can come across pretty "costume-y" in my opinion. Anyway...make-up FAIL. Moving on. 
I don't really have much to say today...I like this outfit, but the only thing really worth pointing out is that this top is much cooler in person than it comes across in pictures. It has jagged cut on the bottom (you can tell best in the 3rd picture) and white sequins on the shoulders and bottom where the hem is. Since the sequins and the shirt are both white, they are pretty low key. They don't scream like sequins normally do. This is a great daytime shirt, but it transitions flawlessly into night and would be perfect for a casual Friday date night. Sadly, the only date I have tonight is with an elastic waistband, two puppies, and take-out (I'm so lame on Friday nights). If I get really ambitious I may walk my butt (which is sadly, non-existent in these jeans) down the street to the movie theater to watch The Hunger Games (I loved the books). However, if I find the motivation to do that, you better believe it will be in some sneakers, the sweatshirt I stole from my brother a few weeks ago, annnnnnd...red lipstick, but of course.

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