Shirt: Calvin Klein, Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes, Jessica Simpson, Bag: Shop Olive Online, Bracelet: Ivy & Leo, Necklace: Vivian B., Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: LOTUS (Sis Style), Ring: LeVian (Jared) (Photos: Me and my handy-dandy self timer) 
It's Monday so....you guessed it. I wore a portion of this outfit this weekend. I'm such a dirt-bag. It was 80 degrees in Charlotte yesterday, so there is no doubt that I sweat in this shirt at some point throughout the day. Did that stop me from putting it right on again this morning? Not a chance. I wore the shirt untucked with white jeans yesterday. The same white jeans that I wore all day on Saturday with a green top, it being St. Patrick's Day and all (and I definitely sweat in them Saturday afternoon, sitting outside all day). It's official, I love weekend recycling and I can't be stopped. Anyway, I grabbed this shirt from off of the hanger in my closet (yes, I hung it back up knowing good and well it was filthy) then looked around at what I had that I could wear with it (other than basic black). I love pairing stripes and prints, but I don't normally do it this "boldly". I thought that it was a good "training wheels" outfit though. If it makes you nervous to pair big stripes like this with an "in your face" animal print, you can stick with the same color family to eeeeeease your way into it. The tan and black in the shirt matched perfectly with the skirt. I decided to stick with the theme with my shoes. Black and Tan. 

Okay....there are a couple of things I need to point out about this get up. 

1. Look at this SNAKE bracelet. I don't know when I got all into reptiles, but I have a snake ring too, and I really love them both. The bracelet is from Ivy & Leo and the ring is from Stella & Dot. 

2. My butt looks big in the skirt. It's fitting AND has thick horizontal stripes. It basically screams at you. I could feel self conscious about that, but I am choosing to feel all "Kardashian" about it. If you disagree...don't burst my bubble. I am running with it. 

3. I got this new bag on Saturday from my friend, Amy, who runs not 1...but 2 businesses. More to come on all of her endeavors VERY soon! You're gonna love what this chickadee is up to! 

4. I got these earrings at LOTUS...very nautical don't you think? I LOVE THEM. I could not help but think of Goldie Hawn in "Overboard". You know...before she got knocked off the yacht, when she was all stuck up, showered in gold, and perfectly coiffed? Yup...very 1987. Neon isn't the only thing we are bringing back from the 1980's. These little cuties are going to be in heavy rotation for me this summer.

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