Life Questions and More 80's Sleeve

Shirt and both Necklaces: LOTUS, Skirt: The Limited, Shoes: Forever 21, Bag and Watch: Michale Kors, Bracelet: Stella & Dot

I wore this outfit yesterday and I was told all day that I looked very "Springy". I'm pretty sure that is a code for , "Wow, chick...you couldn't resemble an Easter basket full of fake grass and plastic eggs more if you tried." Yes, I know. I went a little overboard with pastels today. I couldn't help it though. I couldn't resist pairing this awesome shirt with anything less than this equally awesome purple skirt (and pastel purple nails). A neutral just wasn't going to cut it. Then, when I saw the purple and green together, I had to put on these floral pumps. Instead of piling on standard gold or silver I decided to premier a couple of necklaces that I have yet to wear. I got them both from LOTUS (same place I scored this shirt) and I love them. They each kind of change color in the light. Are they purple? Are they blue? Do you care? I know I don't. I found a pair of earrings that almost matches the shirt and then grabbed this bracelet that has the same color in it. Now that I look at it more closely, this bracelet actually looks like it's decorated with Easter eggs. Anyway, I don't have much to share today. I am kind of spent. My day job in the Corporate Jungle has been sucking my will to live lately. The last two days I have come home looking more like a zombie than a 31 year old human female. Speaking of 31. My birthday is less than 2 weeks away. I embraced my 30th, I didn't blink at my 31st, but something about the big 3-2 is kind of freaking me out. All of those pesky, nagging questions that my mom warned me about are plaguing me for some reason. Like...."What am I doing with my life? Am I making any sort of difference where it counts? Am I ever going to be a mom (I didn't even think I HAD a biological clock and all of a sudden this thing is ticking...what the heck, I didn't sign up for that!!!)? Where did these crows feet and smile lines come from? Why do I care if they are there? Am I ever going to travel...like really travel? What are my DREAMS...my deep down, define your life, DREAMS?" You get my point. What in the world!!??? It's maddening. On that note, I'm outta here and off to get a glass of wine on a patio somewhere. Those are questions that are a tad too big for  tonight. So....time to unplug. Adios, Mamacitas!!!

*Is it annoying that this is half style blog/half personal diary? I hope not.

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