Longing for Lowlights

Shirt: Nordstrom, Pants: Marshalls, Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Earrings: Martha Pinaire, Necklaces: Pink and Blue and "Fund a Field", Bracelets: Target and Stella & Dot, Watch and Purse: Michael Kors, Rings: Aldo Accessories and Pink & Blue
1. Lots of pictures of my hair...sorry. I am pretty sick of my uber-blonde hair these days and REALLY longing for lowlights. Perhaps the term "lowlights" is an understatement. I kind of  want to figure out what my natural color is (it's been a loooong time) and rock it. I want to find a brunette color that I like and and then blend in some blonde. Maybe in the form of highlights...maybe in the form of an ombre effect (where it starts dark and gradually gets lighter at the ends)? The ombre effect is really good on the wallet too, because when your roots grow out, who cares? Not sure yet. I'm feeling kind of washed out though lately, and as summer approaches and my skin gets tan, I am fearful of the whole "too tan, too blonde" thing. I'm afraid I'll look less like a  cool California surfer girl and more like "Trailer Trash Barbie" if you know what I'm saying. Hmmm...decisions, decisions. The only thing I do know is that I have been contemplating this hair change up for 2 whole days and I am really impulsive (so 2 days is a century in my mind). I need immediate gratification. Translation: I have a hair appointment tomorrow. We will see what happens. Oh, and if I do end up drastically changing it and you hate it, don't tell me. I'm "sess-ah-tive"! 

2. I like this green on green outfit. I found this top in the juniors section of Nordstroms. I got it in a large and it fits perfectly, a little long in the back, a little baggy....but, just right! Although....it is pretty hard to rock if you have any sort of upper arm issues (which I do...duh, that is why my hand is in my hip in EVERY photo....my vain attempt at a skinny arm). The sleeve is not a cap sleeve, but it's not a full "short sleeve". It is riiiight in the middle. It is like a tea-length skirt on your upper arms, and let's be honest, tea-length dresses are the devil. They are not flattering on ANYONE. I don't care how great your legs are. This sleeve cuts you off at the biggest part of your arm and it is not a good look. It's a fun, flowy, easy top, but if you are going to spend all day worried about a fat arm...keep it moving to the tank top and/or short sleeved section and save yourself the pain.

3. The green beads I am wearing I got last year (along with 2 other similar strands) at church. Yup...church. They were selling them to support the village in Uganda they were made in. These paper beads are made by women in Uganda. "The paper is not dyed or painted. The women make the beads by cutting magazines and old calendars they purchase at the market.  They cut the paper into long thin triangles. Then they roll each paper triangle around a toothpick or needle, into a bead. The beads are then handcrafted into beautiful jewelry pieces. Last, they shellac each piece to give it a protective shine. FUNDaFIELD works with different women in different villages in Uganda to make the paper bead jewelry for FUNDaFIELD. Purchasing these beads enables them to pay school fees, buy school uniforms and put healthier food on the table for their families." It's a big world out there and we are all citizens of it.
 If you are interested in supporting this organization (and scoring some beautiful beads), you can do so by going to this website.

4. I am wearing a lip stain here instead of lipstick. It's easier that lipstick because it does not smudge or get on your teeth, but you better be committed, because it does not come off easily either. Oh, and a tip...make sure you exfoliate your lips well (rub your toothbrush across them, or a damp washcloth). When this stuff does start to rub off it does so really unevenly if you have dry patches of skin on your lips. It stays dark on the dry spots (and wears off everywhere else) and it's not very attractive. Trust me...I learned the hard way.

5. I forgot to tell you that I have the best hair guy in Charlotte. No, really, I do. His name is Jason Crecelius (it took me 3 years to remember how to spell his last name) it is pronounced "Cris-see-lee-us". He works at Georgetown Day Spa in Plaza Midwood. He has taken me from DARK chestnut brown (in 2008), slowly back to blonde, and most recently to REALLY blonde. From long hair to an angled bob, from no bangs, to side-swept, to blunt bangs. He has given me extensions, taken them out...the whole 9. Not only is he ridiculously talented...especially at color, he is an absolute sweetheart and has become one of my besties. I call him, Boo, but I wouldn't suggest asking for "Melissa's Boo" if you call to make an appointment. On second thought, they will probably know who you are referring to. If you need a hair genius in Charlotte, call him...(704) 335-0050. If you tell him you got his name from this blog, he'll give you 20% off your first visit. "BOO-YAH"-pun intended.

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