Self-tanner and a new 'do

Dress and Purse: Shop Olive Online, Shoes: Bebe, Rings: The Boulevard at South End, Stella & Dot, Levian at Jared Jewelers, Earrings: Martha Pinaire, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Target

Have you ever seen (or known) someone who needed a "make-under"? You know what I am talking about, right? They are just a bit too severe. Maybe they dress too skanky? Wear too much make up? Their hair is too blonde, or too Morticia Adams, black. You know the look they are going for, but in their attempt to achieve it, they are juuuust missing the mark? Instead of needing a complete overhaul, they just need to turn it down a notch. I know women like this...and I feared that I was so close to being one that I could smell it. I was BLONDE....really blonde. Which is fine. It is the hair color I prefer normally. Buuut....let's face it. It is summertime. I am getting a little darker/more tan. I also have been cursed, uhh....blessed, with big boobs, and I love a good, bright "hooker" red lipstick. So...bleach-blonde + tan + red lips +big boobs = a look that I am NOT going for.  So, it was time for an intervention. Lucky for me, this intervention did not come as a surprise, with my boyfriend, friends and family all sitting on a couch "care"fronting me as I walked into a room...BAM...blindsided. You know, like they do when you are addicted to heroin, or huffing some household cleaner. I intervened on behalf of myself.  I said to myself..."Self....it's time for a make-under". Annnnd....since I am NOT giving up a tan (even it it is from a bottle), or red lips (I'd rather die)...and outside of major (a.k.a- expensive) surgery, these boobs aren't going anywhere soon I figured the easiest way to achieve said make under was to start with my bottle blonde hair. So...here it is folks. Not a total departure from my sunny blonde, but a medium to drastic tone DOWN. I love the ombre look (as I mentioned in my last post), but I know myself. I would get sick of that drastic look in a weeks time. SO, I did a bit of a hybrid thingy. My hair is really dark on the top and gets lighter around my face and blends down to the bottom.  I like it. I like it A LOT. It feels much more natural...much closer to how I feel. I hate that I look like a moron in the 9th picture (thanks to the wind having its way with my bang...side-swept bangs that are awkwardly growing out from being blunt bangs)....but I think you get the gist of the look from the other gazillion hair shots that I took. I got it cut and colored and I am pretty happy with it. SO...like I said before, if you DON'T like it. Keep that to yourself. My feelings might be hurt.
As far as the outfit. I LOOOOOVE this dress. It's the perfect summer maxi. I got it from Shop Olive Online. If you have a Facebook, look it up...or, click THIS link. My beautiful, sweet friend, Amy, runs this online boutique. I also got this gorgeous over-sized clutch from Olive Online. Her prices are really reasonable and the clothes are WONDERFUL. I highly recommend you check her out. You will thank me later. I promise.

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  1. You are the cutest thing on the planet. Olive is honored to dress you any time sweet friend. Love ya girl!