On Strike

Pants: H&M, Shirt: Old Navy, Shoes: Aldo, Watch and Purse: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Target, Rings: Aldo Accessories, Bebe, and a $6 jewelry vendor, Necklace: Pink & Blue, Earrings: Sis Style
So....remember when I said a few days ago that I was pretty much a ginormous dirt-bag because I had not washed my hair since Saturday? Yeah...ummm...about that. You know how some people go on hunger strikes to call attention to a specific human rights cause or injustice? Well, I am on a hair washing strike until more people sport silk orange pants. I mean, maybe it's not as imperative of a social issue, as lets say...marital equality, but (similarly), I do believe the world would be a better place if more people joined in on the fun. I found these bad boys at H&M in San Francisco when I was there for work back in January. I didn't know if I would ever really wear them when I bought them, but I had hoped that I would (and they were only $24.00) so I went for it; and today was the day I busted them out. I did not wear this outfit to work, but I did wear it for my after work excursions. These pants are actually pretty high waisted (translation: they make my butt look terrible), so I wasn't going to tuck a shirt into them to highlight the fact that my rear looked like a flat, wide, stop sign. Instead, I put on my (2 sizes to large) chambray shirt. I love a chambray (denim looking) shirt. It goes with everything. Colored denim? Check. White pants? Check. Sparkly sequined skirts? Check. Or....you could even wear it with blue jeans if you're into denim tuxedos. As far as the shoes go. I love them. They are from Aldo. I also got them while I was in San Fran. It was not really warm enough for them then, so I got them on (off-season) sale for 30% off. I just got this necklace 2 days ago at Pink & Blue in the mall, and it matches these new Sis Style earrings that I just got in the mail. THANK YOU, SIS STYLE. I love them. I am really into nautical stuff this year, and these little guys are right on trend. Other than that, I really have nothing much else to share. Except than I promise may wash my hair tomorrow. Depends on how motivated I am feeling in the morning. Now that I say that, I realize the odds are not in my favor. Annnd...the strike continues. Silk orange pants for ALL!

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