Klepto Hands

Boring Black Pants: The Limited, Shirt: Target, Belt: Banana Republic, Shoes: Aldo, Watch: Michale Kors, Earrings: Marthe Pinaire
I didn't have much time (or sunlight left when I did have time) to take blog photos today, annnnnd, I pretty much looked the exact same as I did yesterday (with my dirty ponytail and pink lipstick), so I was going to spare you the effort it takes to click over to this blog (for fear you'd be disappointed);  but THEN I got my nails painted after work and I was so excited about them that I had to share. So, a couple of things...

1. I totally, 100% stole this manicure idea from my friend, Nicole. I saw her post a picture of one really similar today on FB (she is a nail technician ARTIST) and is always coming up with really great ideas. So...I went to my nail place (Dilworth Nail off of Park Rd.) after work. The owner, Cindy, didn't have the color I wanted, so I described it to her and she got in her car and WENT AND GOT IT! Yup...right then and there. I vehemently protested, but then she said that she wanted it for the shop and it would take 10 minutes and in a flash, she was gone (and back)! I was so excited about this color that when my friend, Beth, walked in and threatened to get her pedicure in her standard Bubble Bath (a pretty, but very boring in comparison, light pink) I about had a fit and exuberantly suggested that she try a bolder color. She ended up trying this one too, and then, so did the girl next to her (who was also planning on going with Bubble Bath). The love for this blueish-green color spread like wild fire. The random silver nail on each hand sets it off. I know that the whole random nail a different color is very trendy right now, but its a trend I like. Who doesn't like being able to wear more than one color every time you get your nails done? Perfect for the indecisive (like me).

2. The 16 year old daughter of a woman I work with has a modeling photo shoot coming up, and she asked me to help style her little cutie pie...so I have been thinking of teenage style all day. Then, wouldn't you know, I got a text message about styling High School Seniors for their senior pictures...an endeavor I am REALLY excited about. So, when I saw these Teen Vouge's just sitting there in the nail salon, I asked if I could borrow them. I have been going to the same nail place for 8 years, so they did me a solid and let me stuff them in my purse.

3. Speaking of purses, this one looks a lot more expensive than the $40 I spent on it when I ordered if from ShoeDazzle.com almost a year ago. I really like the whole gold hardware on it and snakeskin like faux-leather detail.

4. Look at this lovely Stella & Dot Ring...just look at it. So pretty! My friend (and S&D Stylist, Jackie Spang -click for her website) sent me a text yesterday morning saying that a girl in SoCal (feels cooler writing SoCal versus Southern California) reached out to her about becoming a Stella & Dot Independent Stylist after seeing her featured on ModaFresca! How cool is that??? My first thought was...YAAAY, Jackie! My second was....someone in SoCal reads this!!!! That.Is.Rad!

3. I was at the mall tonight (after getting my totally awesome manicure) to do some shopping for a client (scoping out dress options for her to wear to a wedding) and also doing some iphone picture taking of statement necklaces for a friend (trying to find one she can wear to a wedding). Apparently, I had my hand in and out of the pocket of my trench coat quite a bit becuase the sales woman started literally following me around like a hawk. She thought I was shop lifting. What the?????...on second thought, maybe it wasn't the phone at all. Maybe it was the outerwear. Trench coat = kleptomaniac. Rookie move. I know better.

4. These bracelets were gifts from my friends, Effie and Ebony, which makes them so special to me. I have since changed out of these clothes, am wearing yoga pants and a ratty t-shirt and am still wearing these bracelets. Makes no sense other than they make me feel warm and fuzzy...and who doesn't love warm and fuzzy?

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