Shaved Eyebrows and Cheap Shoes

Shirt: Target, Skirt: The Limited, Shoes: Charlotte Russe (thought they were in Aldo and may have said so in an old post), Belt: Forever 21, Watch and Bag: Michael Kors, Necklaces: NYC Vendors, Earrings: Stella & Dot, Bracelets: Target, LOTUS, Buckets

I realize that it is odd that I have 2 close up pictures of my face at the bottom of this post (I felt so stupid taking them that I had to stick my tongue out at myself to mimic the ridiculousness of it all), but I have had eyebrows on my mind lately. I spent 5 days with my only niece this past week while she and her family visited Charlotte. My sweet, beautiful niece is 9 years old and she shaved her little eyebrows off because she hated them. They were half grown back by the time I saw her, but it still broke my heart to think of her (in 3rd grade) hating something about herself so much that she did something that drastic to alter her appearance. I mean, I get it. I butchered my own eyebrows in the 7th grade. My friend, Rachael, and I plucked our eyebrows to oblivion. I had half of a left brow for weeks and my right one was so thin that it looked more like a shadow, or smear of dirt than a brow. I looked strange. My face looked crooked. I was convinced though that my thick, furry caterpillar-like eyebrows were hideous (they are actually so thick that they start at my hairline on the sides, grow half up my forehead, and down onto my eyelid. I am a werewolf.). I have since embraced my big brows (with a whole lotta help from some talented women who thread them).  The best "eyebrow artists" I have found in Charlotte are Carla (The MASTER) and Heather at Beautiful Brow off of Rea Road, and Sandra (who was trained by Carla) at The Brow Bar off of 485 and South Tryon in the Wal-Mart plaza). Personally, I choose threading  (where they literally rub a taunt thread over your hair and it pulls it out) over waxing because it leaves a cleaner look, doesn't burn my skin, and won't contribute as much to my current, and inevitably worsening eye lid wrinkles (the wax pulls your sensitive eyelid skin and kind of snaps it back). Anyway, eyebrows are a big deal, they frame your face, make you look awake, and overall make a big difference in the way your face looks. If you don't believe me, try growing your eyebrows out a bit to make them fuller, longer (fight the urge to "clean" them), and if they grow spotty or light, shade them in with a good pencil (my friend, Sandra, recommended a great one at Sally's Beauty Supply and it is only $3.00). It's right at the counter at most Sally's, just be sure to pick up a good sharpener along with it. Whoa...that was a whole lot more eyebrow talk than I anticipated. Anyway...you can be sure I told my little niece how beautiful she is and how someday she is going to be happy that she has burly brows. She also has forehead issues, which I can relate to. I used to squish up my forehead into a permanent furrowed brow, because I thought that made it looked smaller. Sweet lord, it's tough being a girl, and I'd imagine even harder raising one. Joe (my bro), if you're reading this..."Good Luck, Dude"!

Oh, and sorry about the "boob shot" in picture number 5. I was trying to show the colors in the belt, necklace, and shirt. These stupid things are always getting in the way. I hate them. UGH. Clearly I have other issues in addition to my brows and forehead.

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