Don't Talk to Strangers

Pants: Express, Shirt: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Off Broadway, Bag and Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Stella & Dot, Bracelets: Ivy & Leo, NYC vendor, Rings: Target
"Don't talk to strangers"....that's what we are instructed to do (or not to do, rather) by our parents from the time we are little. Now, I am not advocating striking up conversation with creepy dudes in windowless cargo vans who offer up candy and puppies, but I do fully endorse talking to people you do not know. I mean, how else are they going to transition from the "Stranger Danger" category to the "Friends" department. I met 3 really great people in the nail salon just yesterday. I was sitting in the pedicure chair after work and this adorable young girl (probably about 20 yrs. old....with perfect hair and an effortlessly gorgeous, loose side braid that I could never get to look that good) and her mother were complimenting me on my watch. So, I took it off and let them look at it. Apparently the daughter, Amber, saw it on Pinterest a while ago and has been on a mad hunt for it ever since. She hasn't had any luck finding it and was very frustrated by her fruitless efforts. She was pretty shocked when I admitted that I stumbled upon this one about 3 years ago in TJ Maxx and got it for $80.00. ZINGER!!!! So...we started talking about fashion, this blog, and MK watches, etc. Then, she asked me..."What is the one thing that you don't have that you really want" (as it relates to clothes, jewelry, accessories, etc.)? I thought about it for a second and answered that I would love a pair of RED BOTTOMS...not underwear, or pants...but the real red bottoms...Christian Louboutin shoes! I told her that I would want one, classic, sky high pair of nude pumps. I told her that I would wear them until they fell apart and then years later I would wrap them in tissue paper like they were new and stow them away in the back of my closet until my future granddaughter wanted to play dress up in a pair of over-sized relics. Her mother then suggested that I may want to rethink that. That if I were to splurge on a pair like that, I may want to get an outrageous pair. A pair that screamed "look at these suckers" when worn. I was thinking of a pair like THIS... but she may have been conjuring up images of a pair more like THIS. Hmmm....now I am I'm not sure which ones to daydream about. Agh...the torture. The third person I met at the salon just happens to be the marketing coordinator for Northlake Mall (in Charlotte). How cool is that?!?!?!
Any WHO... this is what I wore yesterday (and no, I have not done my hair even one day this week...letting it go all au naturale I guess). My royal blue pants and matching shoes, color blocked with a turquoise blouse. I really like color blocking with 2 totally different colors, but sometimes it is fun (and a little more work appropriate) to block with the same color in two different shades. Kind of gives a boring pants/blouse outfit a little more pizazz, don't ya think? I over accessorized (as per usual) with a bunch of necklaces, bracelets and rings in bright blue hues as well. My favorite part of getting dressed is accessorizing. My least favorite part, however, of my aforementioned hobby is the Easter egg like hunt I have to perform at the end of every week around my house to find the piles of the previous days discarded jewelry.  It's like playing hide and go seek...with yourself. Not cool.

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