Crazy Target Lady

New table setting. My table now says..."It's summertime...let's EAT!" Don't cha think? Vase, Place mats and all Dishes: Target

Mixing and matching dishes, napkins, and glasses makes it more fun!

Lampshade: Target

Blue and White Pillow: Target

Journals and Customizable Cards from Privet House (part of The Shops line at Target)

All shoes and both purses: Target (Yup...I bought a pair of flats, flip flops, and wedges...stepping out of the ol' comfort zone).

Little baby girl headbands with giant flowers on them. Cute gifts for a friend of mine who will soon be a mommy to a baby girl!! Target

SO FUN! Mobilexpressions makes cases for your iPad, Kindle Fire, and iPhones!! I love these things...it's like a makeover for your gadgets. I mean...they are always in your hand, why not show them a little love? Find them at Target

Taking it back to the old school (cause I'm an old fool, who's so cool) with a braided leather belt and some funky shorts. Yup...Shocker...from Target

Sweet Begeezus...this Mango Mandarin lifewater by SoBe is RIDICULOUS. It's made with Coconut water and it's thebomb.com. Really. I grabbed it at the register because I was parched and I am now obsessed. Balancing on top of it is a watch band that holds my iPod Nano. This thing is awesome. It only cost about $24.00 and your Nano slips right in it. You can plug your headphones into it to hear your music while you are working out, or pick out a watch face and wear it as a timepiece. BOOM! This little thing has inspired me to workout more lately...now that's a pretty powerful. Some may call it a miracle.

I cannot get enough of all things "bigsexyhair". It's the best stuff EVER. It costs a little more than average hair products, but it is worth every cent and lasts for-e-ver. The box in the back is a tinted moisturizer by Olay. I get mine in Medium. It really makes your skin look so good that you can wear it by itself (no foundation necessary). I put a little powder over it and that's it. The nail color is by "pixi" and they have really fun colors that are fun to mix and match.

I have always had a love/hate relationship with wedges. I likes them on other people, but every time I put them on I felt like a fool, and therefore I hated them. Howeeeever, I saw these fun ones at Target, tried them on, and fell in love with them. I wore them today and got a lot of compliments on them. I may be 4 years late, but I have finally come to the dark side. My boyfriend hates wedges (as do most dudes I know), but whatever, they don't have to wear them, right?!

My new favorite earrings: $5.00...yup, I said it...$5.00. BAM! Target

Not a very flattering shot of this shirt, but I love it and yes, you guessed it, I scored it at Target.

Tortoise shell MK watch: about the only thing in my life that is not from Target (although they do have some pretty good looking knock-offs in the jewelry department). 

Does this bracelet have a crown on it??? Why yes, it does. I can hear my friend, Stacey, right now..."Daydream believer and a hooomecoming queen". (Bracelet not from Target, but it'd be cooler if it was).

Today's accessories, just hanging out, lookin' cute.

No...I did not quit my job and become a spokesperson for Target....but it wouldn't be too much of a stretch. I just went on a black-out shopping spree at Target and was so excited about all of the great stuff I found, I thought I'd share.  Now, Target is ALWAYS bringing the heat, but right now...it is insane. I could have filled a cart in almost every aisle I strolled down. The place sucks me in. Makes me happy. Makes me see myself in cuter clothes, trendy jewelry, makes me think of my house as the "after" house on one of those HGTV make-over shows. I can get almost everything I'd ever need (and waaay more stuff that I just want) in that place. That Target bullseye sucks me in like the eye of a tornado....but I rarely fight it. I walk in needing a head of lettuce and ibuprofen and I walk out with a complete life makeover (and dinner for the week). It just doesn't get much better than that. I know that this post makes me  sound like that crazy lady in Target's Black Friday commercials. You know the one, right? She wears a (Target) red jumpsuit, stalks the sales flyers, stretches so she can be more limber in order to shop more efficiently. I sound like her because in my mind...I am her. She's crazy, but I think it's clear now that she is NOT a fictional character.

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