Random Inspiration

Vest: DKNY from Off 5th, Pants: H&M (San Fran), Shirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Steve Madden from Nordstrom Rack, Neon Bracelets: Target, Gold Bracelets: Villa in Savannah, Cell Phone Case: Mobilexpressions from Target, Purse: Target, Earrings: Betsy Johnson from Dillards, Necklace: Pink & Blue

Have you ever been in a fashion funk and then something really unexpected inspires you to shake it up a bit? Like say...your coffee maker, toaster, or  lamp shade? No? Yeah....me either. That's weird, right?!? I have however been inspired by...wait for it...a cell phone cover. Yup. I was feeling pretty blah this morning about having to put on clothes. Not that I am some secret weird nudist, I just didn't want to get dressed to go back to work (after a long weekend at the beach), but then I looked down at my new and improved cell phone and decided that I needed to step it up. My cover screamed..."this girl right here...she's fun...you want hang out with her"...the black pants and top I was gravitating towards said..."this girl right here is tired...and kind of lame". So...I took the tags off of this vest, scarf, thingy that I found at Off 5th (the Saks 5th Avenue outlet) a few months ago and paired it with hot pink denim and a bright, royal blue tank. I instantly felt better...and much less lame. Hey...it does not matter what inspires you, just as long as you get it from somewhere. Right?

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