Speak Up

Blazer and Skirt: Forever 21, Tank: Nordstroms, Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Necklace: Gift, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: Stella & Dot, Earrings: SisStyle (www.sisstyle.net)
Stripes galore!!! I don't think I have ever mixed and matched stripes like this. I don't think I have ever even worn stripes on both the top and bottom; let alone ones that are two different colors. Buuut, ya know what? I loved it. I felt kind of liberated stepping outside out my box. We were in Charleston, SC last weekend and they had a huge F21 downtown. I was walking around with my BF when I found it, so I couldn't really explore the store to the level of detail that I wanted to (piece by piece). I did however spy some pretty great things in the 15 minutes we were there. The skirt was $5.80 and the blazer was $24.80. Top and bottom for a little over $30.00...why yes, don't mind if I do. I added this great statement necklace that I got as a gift last year from my boyfriend's sister who brought it back from Mexico for me. So nice. I love it, but it makes me want to go on vacation every time I see it.  In my mind, my venti soy latte was a venti rum punch with a paper umbrella (and the gross beads of sweat on my upper lip were from sun-bathing, not from hoofing it from my parking garage to my office).

The last few photos are from the Speak Up Connection Breakfast that I went to that day (Thursday morning). I included some information on the event in my last post, so I won't go over all of that again (a.k.a- copy and paste from below), but I will say that this event was wonderful. It was so inspiring. It was this organic, grass-roots event that brought together an amazing cross-section of people who are doing really incredible things in our community (and beyond). I left so motivated, happy, and full (my cup runneth over). Sometimes it is overwhelming to see all of the pain and struggle in the world. It can make you feel helpless. But, just because we can't do everything, does not mean that we should not do something, right? I won't get all Dali Lama on you or anything, but that morning it all came together. Fashion and "doing good" are not mutually exclusive (although they seem like polar opposites). If you do not feel good about yourself, confident, and strong, you don't "show up" for your own life. You don't do for others because you are preoccupied by your own insecurities. Paralyzed almost. But, when you do feel good about yourself, you show up, stand up, SPEAK UP, and you are heard...you make others happier, you ease their load, and before you know it, your own load seems lighter too. It's pretty amazing. 

If you have not stopped reading by now, thank you. I'm off my soapbox...for now.

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  1. LOVED this! You're a great writer! I'm so glad you left feeling inspired and encouraged--that is what it is about! And you know what, your stripes get-up inspired me. I am thinking about abandoning the rules I place on my own closet and how I might just mix it all up and go crazy now. Hmmm... the possibilities. Trick is to make it look cool and not like a train wreck. Might need to peruse your blog more for ideas! Thanks for sharing this link. Hope to see you more around Area 15. -lana