Workin' for the Weekend

#1: Dress: Belk, Earrings: LOTUS, Bracelets: Ivy & Leo, iPhone Case: mobilexpressions (Target) #2: Dress: Shop Olive Online, Belt: Belk, Bracelets: Target and Stella & Dot, Earrings: SisStyle, Watch: Michael Kors

I realize that it is pretty crappy of me to recap what I wore this weekend on Monday night. Not because an obscene amount of time has gone by since I wore it or anything, but because as of right now the weekend seems so far away. I don't know about you guys, but this morning was rrrrrrrough. I was so tired. I didn't shower, or do my hair before work. I washed up, piled my hair on top of my head, put on pants ('cause I have not shaved since I went out Saturday night and for an Italian, that's about 30 hours past the point where "legs out" are acceptable).
Saturday night we went out to dinner with friends and I ripped the tags off of this dress. I knew, as I was getting ready,that I would be totally over-dressed, but I didn't care. I really wanted to wear it. It had been sitting in my closet for over a year. I got it for $79.00 and the original price was like $399. In-SANE. The color is really vibrant, and the beading/sequins are beautiful. I got pretty stoked when I saw the tag and it said "Made in India". I thought yeah, this thing is legit...no wonder it costs so much originally. Then I looked closer and realized that it said "Made in Indiana". Exotic, imported dress: FAIL.
On Sunday we went to church and then out to brunch and I wore this little sundress thingy that I got from my sweet friend, Amy. Amy runs Shop Olive Online. If you have not checked out her site yet, please do. It's so great! I spent the rest of Sunday in an over-sized tank top thing that was so long it doubles as a dress. It used to be red before I washed it 40 times, and it stretches out really easily, so you get puffy, saggy butt...not cute. I spared you from that outfit post because I was afraid that once I seared that image into your mind, you'd be forced to break up with me.


  1. Christina Acker5/21/2012 8:01 PM

    I so miss seeing you at crave but have LOVED reading your blog! You're hilarious, insightful, down to earth, and ridiculously stylish!!!

  2. Awwww...Christina, Thank you SO much. It really means a lot to me that you read the blog and like it...and especially that you took the time to say so. :)
    See you soon at CRAVE, Pretty Girl!!!!