Bad Decisions and Bleaching Creme

Jeans: Citizen of Humanity from Belk, Shirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Jessica Simpson at Nordstrom Rack, Necklace: LOTUS, Earrings: Sis Style, Clutch: Target, Watch: MK

I worked from home yesterday because I had a doctor's appointment; and although I got out of the gym clothes I was in all day yesterday, I didn't veer very far from casual attire today. This is actually more of a weekend outfit that a workday one, but ah well. Now that I re-read that, saying that I had a "doctor's appointment" makes the whole situation sound kind of serious and grave. I really had an appointment at a cosmetic surgeon's office. Hold your horses now... I may like a good head of hair that is not mine (via extensions-I feel kind of naked now without them), but I'm not exactly down with doing anything major. No boob jobs, lipo, botox, or implants of any type. I am NOT judging any one who has gone that route. I am 32 years old. I am not taking anything off of the table yet (especially the more I see these dang crow's feet pop up around my eyes). Yesterday though, I simply went to the surgeon's office to see their esthetician (someone who specializes in skin health/beauty). You see I got a pretty serious tan/sunburn last June when we went to Charleston, SC for a long weekend. I baked in the sun, and although I applied SPF I only slapped on a 15 when I really needed at least an SPF 30 (reapplied every hour or so). I was toast. My face was fried. I looked like a lobster, but when it turned into a golden brown tan two days later I didn't give it much thought. I haven't spent much time in the sun since that grave day a calendar year ago. My face never recovered though. It stayed looking pretty tan...except that is, around my eyes and forehead. You could see the spots and discoloration...big time. It's bothered me for a looong time, so yesterday I decided to do something about it. I mean, I like make-up as much as the next person, but I want to wear it to accentuate, not to cover up. So, I got a mini-peel (which was awesome) and left with a mild bleaching creme for long term results. Yes...I just wrote that. Bleaching creme. Visions of a jacked-up, Michael Jackson, danced in my head too, but I was told not to worry. We shall see. If I start doing outfit posts in a ski mask, you'll know it didn't end well. I can't help but think of what a dumby I was to spend all of those hours in the sun (and in the tanning bed in college). What a moron. You never think you'll get older, or that those warnings apply to you....until they do. So...I have decided to make SPF 50 a staple and invest in some fabulous floppy hats. How about you? Are you still laying out? Or worse...tanning in a bed. For the love of God, please stop. Leather face = Not Cute. If you choose not to heed the warnings though, I'll do a little test run on the MJ creme and let you borrow some if I don't turn into a circus freak.

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