Over Sharing

Dress and Flip Flops: LOTUS, Big Purse: Michael Kors, Belt: Michael Kors (from Off 5th), Clutch: Pink & Blue, Bracelets: LOTUS and Stella & Dot, Earrings: SisStyle

I took the tags off of this pretty.darn.amazing dress this morning (and by this morning, I mean 3pm when we finally saw the light of day for the first time and dragged our lazy butts to a very late brunch at Vivace). Well, I realized when I took the dress off a few minutes ago that I never actually did take the tags off of it. I blame last night's cocktails for the oversight. Oh well, they weren't sticking out and now when I wear it again it will feel brand new (again). This is perhaps the most comfortable dress that has ever been made. Ever. I like to wear it off of one shoulder, but you could pull it down and expose both shoulders if you wanted to. You could also let the neck hang loose and make like a little v-neck out of the front. It's the perfect length to wear with flats, but you could easily dress it up for a night out with a pair of heels. You also can't wear underwear with it....unless you want VPL (visible panty line...which makes me want to barf). Oh yeah...if you have any sort of "imperfection" (a.k.a- real women <even really skinny chicks> have a little cellulite/dimple action) on your hindquarters you'll probably want to throw on boy shorts, or Spanx, or some other smoothing undergarment. It will show a dimple, or cellulite, but since I couldn't be bothered with all of that constricting jazz today, I just embraced the left side of my upper thigh (that drives me absolutely mad). Was that too much information? My bad.


  1. FABULOUS post!!! Thanks for sharing! :)))... Love the purse and belt. Ironically enough, I just laid eyes on those tanks in the background last week while on my run down the light rail sidewalk, and I can't wait to use them as a back drop in a post. So cool! Fab photos!

  2. Whitley! Yes, a great location indeed. However, yesterday while I was there the Lynx hit someone. True Story. It was the craziest thing EVER. I heard the sound, but did not see anything. Then the train stopped, pedestrians stopped, and ambulances and firetrucks came roaring over. It was insane. I think the person may have been on a bike (I didn't ever see). So...be careful, Pretty One.