Corporate Pyro in Fire Red Denim

Blazer: Forever 21, Jeans: Target, Tank: Nordstrom, Shoes: Dolce Vita from LOTUS, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Target and LOTUS, Circle Ring: LOTUS, "Hope" Ring and Necklace: The Boulevard at South End, Earrings: Sis Style, Phone Case: Mobilexpressions at Target
Today I introduced Corporate America to Red Denim. I wasn't sure if they would get along. If they would like each other...if my pants would actually fall apart at the seams as soon as I walked in to the sea of navy and gray pinstriped suits??? I am happy to report, however, that the two got along smittenly. It must have been the classic white and black blazer that provided the warm introduction.
I like this outfit, it kind of balances trendy and classic. It's full of contradiction. It is "in yo face", yet tame at the same time. Overaccessorized? Certainly...but only in black, gold, and white. Nothing too over the top.
A couple of things to point out:
1. My clutch caught on fire. True story. I had it with me at my birthday party (the big 3-2) in mid-April. I set it on a table, where there was a lovely votive candle (that's right...we party hard...but with classy ambiance) and the thing went up in flames. As you could probably guess, it is not real leather. It's more like "p"leather...plastic made to look like the real thing. Since it's black though, and studded, I think the flames gave it legitimacy. The burn mark says..."I'm edgy... Yeah, I'm a 'girly-girl', but, I set things on fire". No one messes with a pyro. Now, of course, I didn't do it on purpose, but know one has to know that.
2. I am wearing an octopus around my neck. Found this little gem (and the "Hope" ring) at "The Boulevard at South End". I really love it. I also wore this  necklace on my birthday. Apparently there is a trend today.
3. I am ridiculously obsessed with switching up my iPhone cases to compliment my outfits. I can't help it, they have all of these cool ones at Target. I know, it sounds absurd, but it is not...no, really, it's not. Don't judge me. 
3. Sporting some new "SIS STYLE" earrings. I love them, and if you have not checked out Sis Style's blog yet...do yourself a favor. Sarah is SO creative, and pretty, and humble, and fun. Her blog will make your day better. It touches on everything...books, home decor, fashion, bargains, and naturally, her one-of-a-kind creations, her Sis Style earring collection (that she also sells via a link on her blog).
4. Speaking of bloggers who branch out...I am going to start doing more of that. Instead of just a "personal style" blog...I want to begin putting more stuff on here that inspires me, or that I hear about, or, that frankly, I just think is cool. It will still mainly be a personal style blog, but honestly, I'm getting pretty sick of seeing my own face (and if it's mine and I am getting sick of it, I can only imagine, how over it you are). Time to diversify, mamacitas!

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